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What is the alternative rock

What is the alternative rock

The term "alternative rock" is very broad and includes many different musical genres.

This term means any rock music, which is opposed to the traditional one.

For the most part we are talking about genres, originating in the post-punk and punk rock.

The most popular genres of alternative rock

Alternative rock, or as it is called inRussia, alternative, began to develop in the 80-ies. Its popularity has not always been high, and at some point this direction became too interesting for the audience, but later alternative rock has always returned to the highest position. Moreover, in the 90-ies. He became much more popular than the other genres.
Among the best known genres that come inAlternatively, the composition can be called dzhengl-pop, mixing folk and punk rock. Vividly combination of these trends manifested in the work of groups R.E.M. and Violent Femmes. The music they create is very similar to classic rock, but they can not be confused. The second popular option - a mixture of hardcore and punk rock. It is this combination use group The Replacements, eventually passed over the rigid alternative music to a softer and melodic sound.
One of alternative genres, laid the foundationthe growth in popularity of this music became a college rock. Compositions related to this area, you can often be heard on the radio in schools, so students quickly and easily used to this kind of music. Also, at one time I enjoyed great popularity gradzh, moreover, he was a kind of protest against the carefully crafted and well thought-out rock music, because in this direction to the fore hard, even a little sleazy "garage" sound, and recorded many of the songs belonging to this genre , not professionals.

Additional areas of alternative rock

One of the areas of alternatives that eveninexperienced listener is difficult to confuse with the classic rock - it's noise. A typical hard sound tracks in this style is easy to recognize. Along with the noise popularity of post-punk, as well as branches of punk rock.
The alternative includes genreswhose popularity has remained high for a long time. This, in particular, is a gothic rock, were developed in the early '80s and remains interesting and popular so far. genre positions only strengthened with the formation of a subculture ready.
Finally, an alternative includes a mixture ofrock rap - two completely different genres, largely conflicting. In Russia, such a technique used "bricks", "Dolphin", and many other groups and performers.

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