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What does applied ecology study</a>

It's no secret that man's economic activity, especially in the last hundred years, has caused irreparable damage to the environment, and the ecological situation on the planet is getting worse.

Namely, ecology determines the degree of suitability of the planet for the comfortable existence of all living things.

The study of ecology is becoming more and more in demand - humanity already feels that irreparable damage and the danger that are caused by the destruction of the elements of the biosphere and the connections between them.

Ecology and its types

The global ecology deals with the study of the biosphereAs a global ecological system, consisting of a set of closely interacting and dependent elements and structures. But the issues of this interaction are so vast that the need for a narrower specialization and their separation into separate directions has emerged. In addition, ecology does not exist by itself - its close connection with economics, medicine, psychology, norms of law and pedagogy is traced. The complex impact of all these disciplines is able to establish control over those factors that worsen the ecology, to develop from the world's population a new look and a new approach to interaction with the surrounding nature.
The objective necessity of scientific and practicalApproach to solving environmental issues has become the division of ecology into a theoretical and applied branch. Theoretical ecology deals with the study of general laws relating to life processes occurring in the biosphere.
Applied ecology studies the destructive biosphereMechanisms launched as a result of rash human activities, as well as methods and methods that can stop and compensate for this. In addition, applied ecology deals with the development of principles, technologies and methods for the rational use of natural resources, which exclude the degradation of the environment and the biosphere as a whole.

Directions of applied ecology

The study of the destructive impact of human economic activity and methods of their compensation is conducted in several directions, all of which relate to applied ecology, these are:
- industrial ecology-
- agricultural ecology-
- medical ecology-
- ecology of urban environment-
- chemical ecology-
- economic ecology-
- engineering ecology-
- legal ecology.
The scientific approach is to develop an integratedA system of general rules, laws and principles that would subordinate human activities in all applied fields and that would allow minimizing or completely eliminating the detrimental impact of this activity on the environment. On the basis of mathematical modeling of the current state of ecosystems, environmentalists - scientists and practitioners - participate in the development of innovative methods and technologies that reduce the load on them, allowing in some cases to start the processes of rehabilitation and restoration of the habitat.

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