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What is studying Applied Ecology

What is studying Applied Ecology

It is no secret that the economic activity of a person, especially in the last one hundred years, has caused irreparable damage to the environment, and the ecological situation on the planet is getting worse.

Namely, the environment determines the extent of the planet's suitability for a comfortable existence of all living things.

The study of the environment, is becoming increasingly popular - humanity is already feeling the irreparable damage and the danger that caused the destruction of the elements of the biosphere, and the connections between them.

Ecology and its types

Global Ecology deals with the study of the biosphereas the global ecological system, consisting of a plurality of closely interacting and interdependent elements and structures. But questions of this interaction is so extensive that there was a need for greater specialization and highlight them in separate directions. In addition, the environment does not exist by itself - can be traced its close link with the economy, medicine, psychology, pedagogy and the rule of law. The combined effects of all these disciplines is able to control the factors that degrade the environment, to develop the world's population have a new look and a new approach to the interaction with the environment.
The objective necessity of the scientific and practicalapproach to environmental issues was the division of ecology on theoretical and applied branches. Theoretical Ecology deals with the study of the general laws relating occurring in the biosphere life processes.
Applied Ecology studies destroying the biospheremechanisms, launched as a result of ill-considered human activity, as well as the methods and techniques that can be stopped and to compensate for this. In addition, Applied Ecology is developing the principles, technologies and natural resource management techniques, precluding the degradation of the environment and the biosphere as a whole.

Areas of Applied Ecology

The study of the damaging effects of human activities and ways of their compensation is carried out in several ways, all of which relate to the application environment, it is:
- Industrial ekologiya-
- Agriculture ekologiya-
- Medical ekologiya-
- Ecology city Commemorative
- Chemical ekologiya-
- Economic ekologiya-
- Engineering ekologiya-
- The legal environment.
The scientific approach is to develop a coherentsystem of common rules, laws and principles, which would be subordinate to human activity in all application areas, and that would allow to minimize or eliminate the harmful effects of these activities on the environment. On the basis of mathematical modeling of the current state of ecosystems, ecologists - scientists and practitioners - are involved in the development of innovative methods and technologies that reduce the burden on them, allowing in some cases to run the processes of rehabilitation and restoration of habitats.

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