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What is spiritual literature


Spiritual literature, and stands out from science and from art and from nonfiction books, and at the same time as if combines elements of all other areas of literature.

The answer to the question of what is spiritual literature, it would be logical to start with the very definition of spirituality.

What is spirituality?

According to the dictionary Ozhegova, spirituality - isproperty of the human soul that causes the spiritual, moral and intellectual interests above wealth. Ushakov treats spirituality as a desire for internal self-improvement, a detachment from the low-lying, coarse feelings and interests.
Accordingly, the spiritual literature - one that helps a person to self-development internally and strive for exaltation over its low-lying, animal nature and the satisfaction of basic needs.

The main question that arises from atheistsaddress religious tracts - who wrote the Bible (Koran, etc.). Precise answers to it, alas, can only give a deeply devoted to the subject matter, spiritually advanced and enlightened people.

In different countries and parts of the world acceptedtraditionally regarded as a center of spiritual religious institutions in the different traditions, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. precisely because the fundamental works of spiritual literature in different countries "twisted" in the religious mythology, the commandments, lives of the saints, etc.

religious tracts

In every religious tradition has its own waycalled religious treatises - a "Top Books", which contain, as is commonly believed, some "instructions for use" of earthly life, which takes place in priverzhenstve to a particular religion. So, for all the main branches of Christianity religious tract - is a Bible for Islam - the Koran, Hinduism - the Bhagavad-gita, etc. In every spiritual tradition - their fundamental scriptures.

Lives of the Saints -more than biographyrevered in some spiritual traditions personalities. Such works usually urge readers to imitate the lifestyle of the saints as a model of Christian life, Muslims, etc.

However, this does not mean that in addition to the Bible,The Koran, the Bhagavad-gita and the like, there is no more any spiritual treatises. For example, in Hinduism (Vedic culture), there are several thousands of these religious works - the Vedas.

Lives of holy men

Another type of orthodox religious literature -biographies of saints. The authors are sometimes their own holy men, sometimes - unknown authors. Thus, in the Orthodox tradition, on hearing examples such as "The Legend of the 70 apostles," "The Life of Avvakum", "The Life of St. Sergius of Radonezh," etc.

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