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What is spiritual literature?



Spiritual literature stands apart from scientific, and from art, and from publicistic books, and at the same time it seems to unite elements of all other directions of literature.

The answer to the question of what spiritual literature is is logical to begin with the definition of spirituality itself.

What is spirituality?

According to Ozhegov's dictionary, spirituality isThe property of the human soul, which causes spiritual, moral and intellectual interests to be placed above material wealth. Ushakov treats spirituality as a desire for inner self-improvement, for detachment from base, gross feelings and interests.
Accordingly, spiritual literature is one that helps a person to self-develop internally and strive for elevation over his base, animal nature and satisfaction of elementary needs.

The main question that arises in atheists inThe address of religious treatises - who wrote the Bible (the Koran, etc.). Exact answers to it, alas, can only be given by deeply dedicated to the essence of the matter, spiritually developed and enlightened people.

In different countries and parts of the world it is customaryTraditionally, religious institutions are regarded as the focus of spirituality in various traditions, be it Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. That is why the fundamental works of spiritual literature in different countries are "twisted" on religious mythology, precepts, lives of saints, etc.

Religious Treatises

Every religious tradition has its ownCalled religious treatises are "main books", which contain, as it is commonly believed, certain "instructions for the application" of earthly life, which takes place in adherence to a particular religion. Thus, for all branches of Christianity, the main religious treatise is the Bible, for Islam - the Koran, for Hinduism - the Bhagavad-gita, etc. In each spiritual tradition - their own basic scriptures.

The life of the saints is more than biographiesRevered in this or that spiritual tradition of personalities. Such works usually call readers to imitate the way of life of saints as the standard of life of a Christian, a Muslim, etc.

However, this does not mean that, in addition to the Bible,Quran, Bhagavad-gita, etc., there are no more spiritual treatises. So, in Hinduism (Vedic culture) there are several thousand such religious works - the Vedas.

Biographies of Saints

Another type of orthodox spiritual literature -Biographies of the saints. Their authors sometimes are the holy people themselves, sometimes - unknown authors. Thus, in the Orthodox tradition such examples as "The Tale of the 70 Apostles", "The Life of the Protopope Avvakum", "The Life of Sergius of Radonezh", etc. are heard by ear.

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