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What is special about the console Xbox One

What is special about the console Xbox One

Gamers all over the world are rejoicing: May 21, 2013, Microsoft officially announced its next-generation Xbox console.

The gadget, which is called the Xbox One, was presented at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond.

The exact cost of Xbox One and the date of receiptConsole sale have not been named. We only know that the console will go on sale before the end of 2013. Xbox One will be available in a duet with the Kinect controller. The prefix will support cloud services. Thanks to an improved version of the console controller will understand gestures and voice commands, and can in an instant switch between movies, games, and Internet access.

In advertising a set-top box has been opened and itstechnical stuffing. In the gadget is a processor with eight cores and eight gigabytes of RAM. the hard disk size is 500 GB. As promised manufacturer Xbox One, the prefix will run almost silently, what unspeakably be happy are those who like to play at night.

At the presentation were presented and the first gamesfor the new console. These included Call of Duty: Ghosts, Forza Motorsport 5, four sports games from EA and publishing a new project studio Remedy, which created Max Payne and Alan Wake, called Quantum Break.

Prefix Xbox One was presented laterEight years after the release of the previous generation console, Xbox 360. During its existence the company Microsoft has sold more than 77 million devices worldwide. By the way, the main competitor Xbox One, PS4 console from Sony, was announced in February 2013. It is assumed that its technical component will be known at E3 to be held in June of 2013.

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