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What is silent man?

What is silent man?

Probably every woman noticed that a man sometimes does not hear her request or question. Some even of the ladies thought that a man thus evinces contempt, and indifference to their inattention.

Let's see why.

If we analyze the brain of a man, it is possible to carry out such an analogy that men's brains consists of a large plurality of boxes. As he puts everything separately.

In one box at it - the house, the other - his wife,in the third - work, in the fourth - a hobby, in the fifth - the car, etc. And these individual boxes had a great variety. He loves to share all individually and carefully sorted, all in separate boxes. Therefore, men often do not connect, together sex and love, work, money, house and family, etc. The men are all in their boxes. In one - the sex, and the other - love. I understand that in the ideal case, there should be "one" and sex and love. But let's agree that all the same it can be different concepts, such as love without sex, in and of itself sex without love.

That's why a man initially, anyway,All will try to "sort" in your favorite box. And when he was than the busy, one way or another, he "got" one of his boxes and stored there. Very often, men like to shift and lay in his box all the places.

But there are also the most important box! This emptiness! Yes, that emptiness. At that, the man, anyway, like to be quite a long time.

Have you noticed, ever, when a man looksat the same point and kind of what - is thinking? Or when it's kind of like watching television, and even if you switch some channels, it may not even respond? He's just at the moment is in his favorite box, under the name - a void. There's absolutely nothing. Absolutely empty. This is the whole charm for men. It is a thought process. In fact, his brain simply "freezes" and the rest.

Probably not without reason man caught in Nirvana,He was a man (the Buddha). When a man asks a woman: "What are you thinking," he says that "about nothing", and then a woman asks a man to take her with him. "Let's think about" nothing "together." And if he takes her with him in his favorite box of "emptiness", that makes a mistake. When a woman sees that in the box there is absolutely nothing, she begins to put things in order there, to place the pots with flowers, decorate it, etc. And yet! No boxes with emptiness. And already there is a beautiful room

But it's good just for women and for men,this collapse. There is a cozy place, there is the usual state, and the man becomes nervous. There is not guilty, and the right-wing. Just be aware that for a single well, for another, maybe not. This will help to avoid mistakes in family life.

It often happens when a woman is drawn to the man,it is precisely at this moment, a man is what - that of their "boxes". It's all there, and all his mind is with him, somewhere deep in the bowels of his consciousness. And suddenly, it sounds a question or request a woman to him. And his left (logical) hemisphere right hemisphere asks: "What did you hear? Someone once said that? ", And the right hemisphere is" No ". Because he is very well located just in your favorite "box", even in one of the most popular - in a box "emptiness".

Therefore, dear ladies, do not be lazy to say his request again, if you want that your man would have heard.

You can not compare who is the best man or woman. He and she are different! We complement each other. And if not something from one another it is. Therefore it is better to learn to understand each other, learn each other. This will help to find understanding in the relationship. This will help you to make a man happy.

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