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What is the man silent about?


What is the man silent about?</a>

Probably every woman noticed that a man sometimes does not hear her request or question. Someone even from the young ladies thought that a man shows disrespect, and indifference with his inattention.

Let's see why this happens.

If you analyze the brain of a man, then you can draw an analogy that the brain of a man consists of a large number of boxes. In which he puts all individually.

In one box he has a house, in the other a wife,In the third - work, in the fourth - a hobby, in the fifth - a machine, etc. And such individually taken boxes he has a lot. He very much likes to divide everything separately, and carefully sorts, all on separate boxes. Therefore, men, very often, do not unite, put together sex and love, work and money, home and family, etc. Men have everything in their boxes. In one - sex, and in another - love. I perfectly understand that in the most ideal case, there must be in one "bottle" both sex and love. But let's agree that everything, it can be and different concepts, such as Love without sex, and by itself sex without love.

That's why initially a man, one way or another,Will try to "sort" everything into his favorite boxes. And when he is busy, he somehow "got" one of his boxes and is there. Very often men like to shift and lay out in their box all in their places.

But there is also the most basic box! This is emptiness! Yes, it is emptiness. In which, a man, in one way or another, likes to stay for a rather long time.

Have you noticed, someday, when a man looksIn one and the same point and sort of think about something? Or when he seems to be watching TV, and even if you switch some channels, he may even not react? He's just at the moment is in his favorite box, called - emptiness. There's absolutely nothing there. Absolutely empty. This is all the charm for a man. He is in the process of thought. In fact, his brain just "hangs" and rests.

Probably, it is not without reason that a person who got into nirvana,Was a man (Buddha). When a man is asked by a woman: "What are you thinking about?" He replies that: "About nothing", and then the woman asks the man to take her with him. "Let's think about" nothing "together." And if he takes it with him to his favorite box "Emptiness", then makes a mistake. When a woman sees that there is absolutely nothing in the box, she starts to put things in order, arrange flowerpots with flowers, decorate her, etc. And that's all! There is no box with emptiness. And already there is a beautiful room

But it's good for a woman, and for a man,It's a collapse. There is no cozy place, there is no habitual condition, and the man becomes nervous. There are no guilty, and the right. Just need to know that for one good, then for another, maybe not very. This will help to avoid mistakes in family life.

It often happens when a woman turns to a man,Then it is at this moment, the man is in some of his "boxes". He is all there, and all his consciousness is with him, somewhere deep in his depths of consciousness. And then suddenly, the question or the request of the woman, to him sounds. And his left (logical) hemisphere asks the right hemisphere: "Did you hear something? Someone said something? ", And the right hemisphere answers" No ". Because it is very good for him to be in his favorite "box", even in one of the most beloved ones - in the box "emptiness".

Therefore, dear ladies, do not be lazy to say your request again, if you want your man to hear you.

You can not compare who is better than a man or a woman. He and she, different! We complement each other. And if there is not something for one, it will be for another. Therefore it is better to learn to understand each other, to study each other. This will help to find mutual understanding in the relationship. This will help you make a man happy.

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