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What is Radio Chacha?


Radio Chacha

"Radio Chacha" is a project that is absolutely not connected with broadcasting. This is a musical group, founded by Alexander Ivanov.

The singer is known to a wide audience as a soloist of the collective "Naive".

Radio Chacha

In 2010, the music world has a newThe project, which received the name "Radio Chacha". The presentation of the group took place in the spring in one of the nightclubs of the capital. Despite the fact that Alexander Ivanov was one of the founders of the "Naive" project, the compositions of "Radio Chachi" radically differ from the songs that were performed by the former collective. The founder of the group himself confirms in numerous interviews that "Chacha" is a realization of ideas that have been accumulating over the years.
From the very beginning of its existence, Radio ChachaActively cooperates with the famous performer Noize MC. The collection of the group has already accumulated several joint compositions, which were almost instantly appreciated by the fans.

The musicians of Radio Chachi can also be seen in other projects. For example, in the groups "Fantasy" and INOVA.
The main part of the project includes four people - Alksandra "Chacha" Ivanov, guitarists Nikolai Bogdanov and Ilya Spirin, and Mikhail Kozodayev is responsible for percussion instruments.

Alexander "Chacha" Ivanov

Alexander "Chacha" Ivanov is activeParticipant in the world of rock music. A musician was born in the US, but he lives and works in Russia for the most part of his life. In addition to music projects, Alexander is also known as a music journalist.

Musicians "Chachi radio" participated in the production of "Anarchy", written by Garik Sukachev. The main roles in it were played by Dmitry Pevtsov, Mikhail Efremov and Maria Selyanskaya.
The most famous project of the musician was the band"Naive". It was founded back in 1988. The group can be called an "army" creation of two colleagues, because Alexander was acquainted with the second creator Maxim Kochetkov in the army.
Despite the success and popularity, in 2013The project "Naive" ceased to exist. The band members called their departure from the stage "creative release". The press repeatedly made conclusions that the disintegration of the team occurred precisely because the main soloist was carried away by a new project of Radio Chacha.

The musical life of Radio Chachi

Radio Chacha is a regular participantRock festivals "Invasion" and regularly leads the ratings on "Our Radio". Almost immediately after the presentation, the team headed the top "Devil's Dozen" and began to perform at the opening of many concerts.

At the moment the band has already released two albumsAnd presented several DVD concerts. The team can be seen at almost every metropolitan event devoted to rock music. In addition, every year the team organizes tours around the cities of Russia and Europe.

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