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What is political activity

What is political activity

Politics is not a something static, once and for all frozen.

This sphere of public life includes many phenomena and processes, which are constantly evolving, intertwined with each other.

Under political activities realize this kind of activity of specific individuals, social groups, and even individual states, which aims to change political relations.

The notion of political activity

Political life consists of interrelatedtogether events that are directly involved citizens of a country or even the countries of the world community. Like any kind of human activity, political activity implies the existence of its subject, object, and the relationships between them. The subject of politics is usually a social group or political figure. The object that is the subject to which the activity is directed, it is one of the aspects of political life, such as law-making or political power.
Political activity has its own goals andown resources, the use of which leads to a certain result. Carrying out activities in the sphere of politics, its subjects are influenced by bright or, on the contrary, is not entirely conscious motives. Expression of motivation tend to become political slogans and demands, which are the participants of the political process. The ultimate goal in this field becomes the arrival of one or another political force in power, as well as its subsequent retention.

Features of political activity

The initial focus of the politicalactivity is the pre-policy development, followed by its immediate implementation. The first phase involves the presence of notions of political reality. The politician is obliged to have knowledge about the nature of social relations, ways of influence on political life. It is also necessary to have a stable system of value orientations, which serves as a kind of political activity guide.
Assessing the political state of society by makingits forecast of the participants political activity begin to implement the measures needed to bring the system in the proper form. An example of political activities may be enforcing reforms, participation in referendums and elections, work in political parties and other voluntary associations of citizens.
The society carries out political activitiesas a kind of regulator. In its process of state elites, leaders of parties, social groups find compromise solutions. If we develop a common policy, which could satisfy all the participants of the political process fails, the activity can acquire the character of confrontation. In times of acute crisis, for example, political activity takes the form of direct confrontation between government and opposition.

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