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What is permanent residence?</a>

Permanent residence in the territoryAny country. Usually such a permit is obtained after a long stay abroad and it gives the owner a large number of rights and obligations.

Conditions for obtaining permanent residence in each country are different.

The rights and duties that impose a permanent residence

Permanent residence in the territory of anotherThe state practically equates the owner of this permit to the resident. So, he gets the right to stay indefinitely and visa-free in the country, receive education and medical services on the same terms as the local population. A person with permanent residence can also open a business and make transactions with real estate, has the opportunity at any time to leave to travel and return again, and be protected by the laws of the country in which he lives. In addition, people with permanent residence are much easier to subsequently obtain citizenship, although they are not required to do so.
In addition to numerous permission rightsFor permanent residence imposes certain duties. Among them, for example, is the transfer to the state of all necessary taxes that are levied on residents, and compliance with all rules on the territory of this state.
Despite all the advantages, the permanent residence does not provideA person with a passport of another country, does not give him the right to work in the police, occupy military posts, vote and be elected to any public authority. In addition, those who have a permit for permanent residence usually do not have access to any federal benefits enjoyed by the local population with citizenship.

How to get permanent residence

Permit for permanent residence eachThe state issues on its own terms. As a rule, for this purpose it is required to live in the country for several years, traveling for its chapels a specified number of times and for a specified period.
To get permanent residence can also children of residents whoLived earlier abroad, or spouses of residents. In the latter case, it is often necessary to first prove to the representatives of the migration service that the planned marriage is not fictitious. This organization very seriously approaches the issue of permanent residence, following the interpersonal relations of the spouses. And get permission in this case is often possible only a few years after the wedding.
Permit for permanent residence is also often issuedForeigners in whom the country is interested. It can be well-proven specialists in the field of science and technology, finance, national security, famous athletes or cultural figures.
In some countries, permanent residence permits are issued afterForeign citizens buy any real estate on the territory of the state. However, in this case it may also be necessary to stay there for a certain time.

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