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What is organic brain damage

What is organic brain damage

Progressive impaired memory, thinking, intelligence, speech and other cognitive functions, social dezaptatsiya - these symptoms may indicate the presence of organic brain damage.

The main types of organic brain damage

Organic brain damage may be due toneurological or vascular diseases, with diseases of internal organs. Often organic lesion occurs on a background of chronic intoxication, when the patient is a long time to drink alcoholic beverages, narcotics or psychoactive substances. For example, elderly patients such damage may occur in patients receiving multiple drugs for a long time.

Timely diagnosis and treatment of organic brain damage - a guarantee of a full life, which can lead the patient for many years.

The symptoms of organic brain damagedepend on the underlying disease, against which there was pathology. In the initial stages of the disease the patient loses the ability to think properly, reduces the overall physical activity. In the future, we lose the ability to social adaptation.
Against the background of organic brain damage suffered emotional sphere. Often, organic brain damage can be mistaken for depression, as the entire triad of symptoms is present.
In the diagnosis of the disease the doctor collectshistory, these diagnostic tests and neurological examination. The deterioration of cognitive abilities, the presence of vascular lesions - a sufficient basis for diagnosis.
An organic basic predispositionbrain damage are those with birth trauma, asphyxia, infections, as well as all who use alcohol, drugs, psychoactive substances.

If organic brain damage is diagnosed in a child, proper treatment can help prevent cognitive decline and social dezaptatsii.

organic brain damage Treatment

Basically, the treatment of organic brain damagedirected therapy major causes of psycho-organic syndrome. The patient is prescribed nootropic drugs, antioxidants, Cerebroprotective therapy, vitamins. In severe organic brain damage treatment is carried out in the neurological department of the hospital, and for obvious signs of dementia in old age - in a psychiatric clinic. Successful therapy helps to improve overall health, memory, attention, eliminate headaches, reduce anxiety, improve sleep.

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