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What is occupational injury

What is a work injury

In labor law there is aconcept as occupational injury. This unpleasant incident not only for the employee who has received it, but also for the employer whose duties according to the law is to ensure safe working conditions.

This applies to both the production cycle of enterprises, and those whose activities are limited to the office.

Determination of occupational injury

Article 227 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation determines theindustrial injury as causing harm to the worker due to an accident that occurred during working hours, as well as on the way to or from work. The consequence of work-related injury may be the need to transfer the victim to another, lighter work, temporary or permanent loss of their disability or death.
Production is recognized injury received in theworking hours, which also includes all the required labor regulations on breaks. With regard to injuries on the way to or from work, they will be recognized production only when you went to the transport provided by the employer for this purpose, or in his car, which is assigned to you for business purposes under the terms of the employment contract.
Injuries sustained during a trip topublic transport or driving his car, as well as on the way home on foot, the production is not considered. If you are injured while on the trip on behalf of the employer, the injury will be considered manufacturing, but if you are running the task, were on the way home, it relates to the production will be gone.
Regardless of the severity of the work-related injury, each such case is the state of emergency.

How to act in case of a work-related injury

Since in this case, you put significant compensation, including for non-pecuniary damage, require proof that the injury was received not your negligence, and the fault of the employer.
In case of injury, it is necessary to call a doctorfirst aid and his immediate superior. Witnesses of the incident should talk about what happened, and then the fact of injury is considered to be fixed, which should be reflected in the minutes of the incident, where all the circumstances it describes. If the degree of severity of the injury is high, you should be transported to the hospital.
After this event in the production must beA special commission, which investigates all the details of what happened, and make their own conclusions about the degree of fault of the injured worker and the employer. The competent members of the committee will consider the testimony of witnesses, the details and circumstances of the injury.
In that case, if the injury is obtained bynegligence of the injured person or violation of the established safety regulations for the introduction with which he signed in a special register, the probability of obtaining compensation for victims is reduced to zero. If it is proven the employer's fault, compensation will be paid in full, in addition, he will have to pay and fines.

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