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On what it is not necessary to save the woman?


On what it is not necessary to save the woman?</a>

To be able to live well even with small incomes is possible.

True, no one is born with the talent to properly postpone and spend money.

No problem!

Everything, as is known, comes with experience.

All the time, squeeze yourself and tighten the belt tighterIt is impossible from a purely psychological point of view. Because sooner or later the majority of even the most economical women comes a time when I want to throw all these calculations and piggy banks far away and just lower all the money. Only then will I have to reproach myself for giving in to the impulse, wasting time, I could not restrain myself, and now I must start everything from the beginning. That's it so that in your life such stories do not happen, you should set reasonable priorities in reasonable savings and in carefully planned spending.

Hairstyle, manicure

Appearance is your business card. Perfectly trimmed hair easily fit, they are docile, beautifully laid. The woman, who is satisfied with her hair, hair and color, is in a good mood, she is 100% sure of herself. And this, do not even doubt, will not hide from the eyes of others. So do not economize on what you need to trust the hands of a professional. It will pay off. The same applies to the care of hands. Of course, each of you can do a manicure yourself. But it's only if you have the skills and the time to do it right.


They say that life is a book. And if you do not travel, then you read only one page, which, in fact, is true.

Why, not sparing ourselves and our strength, we are tryingTo curtail its absolutely just right to comfort and relaxation? For example, in the same Europe there is an opinion that if a person does not know how to fully rest, then he can not work. To ensure that the glitter in the eyes is not extinguished and there was no chronic fatigue and melancholy, rest well and do not spare money. Appreciate your comfort and time. If possible, then take the ticket a little more expensive for transport quickly. And then instead of a sleepless night in a reserved seat there will be a comfortable sleep in an airplane or a train compartment.


On the diet, too, not worth it. The lack of vitamins will definitely have an impact on the condition of hair, nails, and skin. Of course, no one talks about exotics and raznosolah. But there are some porridges and instant noodles - not an option. In advance, think over the diet for a week, include in it more fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry.


According to doctors, as a rule, we go reluctantly,Preferring to pull to the last, and sometimes we trust the most expensive - their health - to dubious healers. And in vain. After all, then for drugs and treatment, you have to immediately pay out a decent amount. But if we were not lazy once a year to undergo medical examination, we would have slept peacefully and did not spend money.


That there was not a trivial "full cabinet, and put onNothing "so that you do not sigh because every season you buy a jumper in return for getting out of fashion, follow the rule: better one quality thing that will sit perfectly than three cheap ones that you throw away after the first, second wash or at the end Season.


If you have a comfortable underwear set, thenEven a "canvas bag" on top of it will allow you to feel like a queen. Do you know why? Because if you feel comfortable, then you radiate confidence energy. And if something presses you, presses, rubs, then no suit from a famous designer and from the most beautiful material can not create the illusion that you are well-off and well-groomed.

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