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What is not worth buying for children

What is not worth buying for children

Buy Do this or that thing to the child? With this question faced by many parents.

Some purchases may be simply useless, while others may be harmful to the child.

Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully before making a decision.



Absolutely useless purchase for a child - ita separate TV in his room. You do not want that to your child pointless staring at the screen, to spoil his eyesight and was subject to overweight. A couple of hours of watching cartoons or children's programs can be identified and the family TV.


Smartphone, iPod, and other electronics dobaby smarter. And they are not cheap. Rather, it is a way to compete among children who are steeper. Record your child's sports section. Suppose that he is proud of his achievements in the sport, rather than a steep phone.


Expensive clothing.
A young child is all the same asit is blouse or pants. It can also stain both expensive and cheaper clothes. If the teenager begging you expensive jeans or sneakers, you should not immediately buy him what he asks for, even if you can afford it. You can try to arrange that if he desired to buy a thing, he would have to confine ourselves to something else, for example, pocket money. The teenager should understand that money does not come easy. He may even want to make them myself.


No need to buy any trifle child thathe asks, even if it is cheap. Indulging all the whims of a child can cause him harm. From his later grow cranky and wasteful people.


A lot of toys.
The more you buy the toys the child, themore he asks. Usually, if a child has many toys, they quickly bored him, he ceases to appreciate them and even starts to break them specifically. Try periodically to hide some toys, then take and hide others. So he'll forget about them for a while, and then they will be interested in it as "new."


Violent video games.
The recent increase in cases of aggression and violence among children playing video games. Watch what games your children play, and buy them games, educational thinking and logic.

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