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WHAT you need for tuning the car


What you need for tuning the machine</a>

Every motorist wants his car to have unique characteristics and personality.

Unfortunately, during mass production all cars of the same brand are similar to each other, like two drops of water.

Correct the situation will help tuning - refinement of the machine, which allows to improve its driving performance and create a unique design.

You will need

  • - workshop-
  • - set of tools-
  • - equipment for repair-
  • - Components and materials.



First of all, determine what improvements youIntend to bring into the design of the machine. This can be forcing the engine, improving the suspension or brakes in order to make the car more powerful and faster. And some are limited to the so-called styling - making changes in the appearance of the car or salon. From your choice will depend on a set of tools for tuning, as well as the required parts and materials.


Choose a place where you will improveYour car. Some types of work can be performed in the conditions of a home workshop or own garage. If you are aiming at significant structural changes, find a specialized workshop that will take care of tuning your car. Own efforts, of course, will be cheaper, but professional masters will perform most operations at a higher quality level.


Prepare the tools you need toAlterations of the machine. You will need a set of screwdrivers with attachments, wrenches, knife, hammer, electric drill, angle grinder. For certain types of work, purchase or lease special equipment. Use only high-quality tools and tools. Cheap can not withstand the load and break at the most inopportune moment.


Stock up with the necessary materials and details. Tuning of units and assemblies of the car assumes replacement of standard factory elements with more powerful ones, suitable for parameters or requiring some refinement. This applies to pistons, valves, connecting rods, turbocharging, air filters and so on. Make sure that the parts you purchase for replacement are serviceable and suitable for use on your particular car.


If you are planning to improve the brakeSystem, get ventilated disks of a larger size, and also a vacuum amplifier of increased productivity. Brakes are extremely important to ensure the safety of driving, therefore, to select the elements for the brake system, take with the utmost responsibility.


Remember the basic rule of tuning: When choosing the components, consider the conditions for the intended use of the vehicle. Be sure to consult with specialists before making irreversible changes to the design.

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