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What is Microsoft's Surface

What is Microsoft's Surface

Microsoft Surface - a portable tablet computer released by listed companies.

Currently, this model is represented by two devices, each of which has a number of distinctive features.

The main difference between the available modelsMicrosoft Surface tablet is to use two different CPUs. The most powerful device is equipped with a processor company Intel. This tablet will run on Microsoft's operating system - Windows 8. Of course, we are not talking about the mobile OS designed for smartphones.

The second model of Microsoft Surface computerIt is running Windows RT. This tablet uses the CPU with ARM-architecture. For connecting peripherals and external storage devices to the tablet provides a USB 2.0 port. A more powerful model will be equipped with interface USB 3.0. This will slightly increase the speed of information processing with external drives.

Despite the fact that both the computer modelendowed with a touch screen with a diagonal of 10.6 inches, there is an enormous difference between the screens. The model works with the Intel CPU company, it has a matrix with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. It's not hard to find plates that support Full HD images. Unfortunately, this is far from the display a new series Retina matrix provided by Apple.

Matrix younger model supports a resolution1280x720 pixels. To ensure a high level of graphics tablet uses the graphics processor Tegra 3 series, endowed with four cores. It is important to note that in the more powerful models of graphics accelerator functions are performed by one of the processor cores Core i5 Ivy Bridge.

Interesting innovation, characteristic describedplates - thin keyboard, which serves as a protective cover. Unfortunately, Microsoft's first tablet no communication modules with 3G and LTE networks. To connect to the Internet, you can use Wi-Fi, and four types of Bluetooth 3.0.

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