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WHAT means the expression of the wind rose


What does the expression wind rose mean?</a>

A beautiful poetic expression "rose of the winds" is a strict heraldic sign-octagon - a symbol of perfection and the pursuit of beauty, the romance of distant wanderings.

And in fact - this is a strict mathematical diagram.

Symbol history

The history of the birth of the sign "Wind Rose" is leavingFar into the depths of centuries. Initially, it was a symbol of the navigational star by the seamen. In the northern hemisphere, such a fixed star in the night sky is the North Star. According to it, sailors learned to determine the latitude of the place long ago and approximately determine their location in the sea. The second reference point for experienced navigators was the wind. After all, many sea winds are constant at certain times of the year, and, knowing these patterns, the captain adjusted his course and unerringly led the ship from a distant voyage to his native harbor. So the symbol of the navigation star acquired additional significance, and the stellar rays began to point to the sides of the world: north, south, east and west. The sign of the Wind Rose, pinned on his shoulder, was a kind of amulet for sailors. He gave them confidence in the correctness of the route and the successful return to his native land. Today, such a tattoo is more a symbol of the search for a way - a guiding star. In the eight-pointed rose of the winds, the intermediate rumbles point north-east, south-east, north-west and south-west, their rays shorter.

Wind rose - a sign of the meteorological situation

In addition to decorative meaning, the wind rose hasAnd purely business, applied nature, which carries the necessary information. First of all, in one form or another, the wind rose is used by meteorologists. By orders of interested contractors, they build a vector diagram that shows the mode of prevailing winds over a certain period of time over a certain period of time-month, season, year, and multi-year values. After all, knowledge of the meteorological situation, directions and strength of the prevailing air streams is necessary in many branches of management and social construction. When constructing aerodromes, one should choose the direction of the runways, so that there is less "side wind". In urban planning, there is no way to do without a wind rose: one must take into account where to place industrial enterprises, so that the waste leaving their pipes does not carry with wind to the sleeping areas, where to split forest parks, how to orient the main avenues, so as not to "proskvozit" the city with cold winds or , On the contrary, to increase "purge" in the southern regions. Unlike the wind rose symbol, the rays have different lengths in the diagram, and their length depends on the frequency of the days when the wind blows from this direction.

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