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WHAT is the mathematical and humanitarian mindset


What is the mathematical and humanitarian mindset</a>

From what you possess a mindset, in the literal sense depends on your future profession and career growth.

It is very important to understand the difference between the mathematical and humanitarian type of thinking, so as not to make mistakes in the future with choosing your specialty.

Types of thinking and the warehouse of the human mind

From the foundations of psychology we know that for the intellectualFunction corresponds to the hemisphere of the brain. People with a dominant right hemisphere are more emotional, they differ in figurative, abstract thinking. Such personalities have a humanitarian mentality. If the left hemisphere dominates, the person is more practical, has analytical thinking and mathematical mindset.
There are 5 main categories of human thinking:
- a practical mentality -
- artistic-figurative-
- humanitarian-
- mathematical (analytical) -
- a universal mind (synthetic).

What kind of thinking do you have?

In order to understand your type of thinking, first of all you need to read more in more detail with each of them.
Practical mindset. People who have them, in their daily lives prefer subject thinking. They are consistent in everything and have an inseparable connection between the object-space-time. A person with such a mindset is inherently a realist, not inclined to dream and dream.
Artistic imagery of the mind. With this thinking, all information is processed using images. Such people have a developed imagination and an excellent stock of words. It's easier for them to tell than to show by action. A person with an artistic-imaginative mindset is very easy to recognize, as he reacts sharply to criticism and is emotional in almost all manifestations. Analytical abilities in such a person are much less pronounced.

A person with an artistic and imaginative mindset will be perfectly suited to the profession of a psychologist, social worker, as well as creative professions.

A humanitarian mindset that can beTo characterize as a sign thinking. The identity of such a warehouse processes information by inference. Such a person does not build a logical chain of "small details", but ties it to a specific imaginary goal. In this he is helped by a developed intuition and a creative principle, which is based on imagination and feelings. The emotional method of cognition is the first thing that a humanist human being relies on.
Mathematical (analytical) mindset. In this situation, the opposite is true. People with such a mindset prefer laws, rules and formulas. Unlike the humanities, these individuals are able to adequately assess the situation and resolve serious issues. Cold calculations help to succeed in the commercial sphere of activity. Analytical mindset is based on the logic of reasoning and is the complete opposite of intuitive thinking. Facts, objective information and figures are what people like to follow.

Mathematical (analytical) thinking has a lot in common with a practical mindset.

Universal (synthetic) thinking. People who have such a mindset can be called lucky, because they have all the abilities. They have a well developed left and right hemisphere. They clearly represent the picture of the world and are well versed in technical disciplines. They are emotional realists. However, these abilities are not divided equally, but with some preponderance. And in order to reveal the prevailing type of thinking, it is necessary to undergo a special psychological test.
Based on the foregoing, knowledge about the types of thinking and mindset have a huge impact on your future future. Develop in the right direction! I wish you success!

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