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What is man's loneliness

What is man's loneliness

Men impose heavy demands on their sweethearts, risk being left alone.

The same can be said about a workaholic, egoists, as well as representatives of the stronger sex with underdeveloped communication skills.

Why do men alone?

Man's loneliness as a socio-psychologicalphenomenon is characterized by the absence of a representative of the stronger sex affection and family ties. It may be a consequence of wounds received as a result of failed relationships, or occur against the background of excessive demands for a future bride.
Some men attribute their lonelinessA busy schedule at work, which takes up virtually all their free time. They just have not physically left forces in the communication and acquaintance with the fairer sex. Also, the causes of male loneliness are some behaviors, such as excessive drinking, gambling, etc.
In addition, men may be deprived of femaleattention due to the fact that simply do not make efforts to search for the second half in the hope that everything will be solved by itself. They behave very selfishly towards women, devote their lives to entertainment, friends, creativity and realization of ideas. In risk category also fall the men are prone to depression, infantilism, as well as having weak communication skills and mental pathology.

What is the danger of male loneliness?

In a lonely man does not seek the spiritualgrowth, it does not try to improve themselves, because they do not see the point. Often he daily follows the route nakatannomu "work-home" and spends free time at the computer or TV. On the hunt every year to get acquainted with the fair sex is weakened, and the world becomes black and white paint. The worst thing is that time flies inexorably forward, and a representative of the stronger sex, and look not have time, around him there will be nothing but an icy silence.
It should also be noted that the single peoplemost exposed to stressful conditions. Especially if we are talking about all alone, when no man, not only the second half, but also friends, parents, acquaintances, which could pour out his heart. A person need to periodically empty out the negative emotions, to "defuse" the body and get rid of fatigue.
Of course, we should not forget that everyperson is different, for someone loneliness - a habitual way of life. Some people are so self-sufficient, they do not need external support and completely comfortable feel alone with themselves.

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