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WHAT is Major

What is the major

"Major!" - Thrown into the next successful young people, spoiled child of life, access all its benefits thanks to a wealthy family.

And yet this word has a different meaning, which, however, the current yields on popularity.

Major - a special category of people, they are not subject togeneral rules and laws. Always having the appearance corresponding to a minimum of three hundred percent of fashion and style, they require the same from his lady and rotate in circles of their own kind, the participants become part of fashion shows and frequented the most famous and popular clubs.

Major as a lifestyle

There was this term in the 18th century in France,special significance the word "major" acquired in the 70-80 years of the twentieth century. In Soviet Russia the word was usually denoted by boys and girls who are the offspring of high-ranking parents, enjoying special privileges unavailable to other "normal" youth.
Fashionable clothes, the best vacation, private car,study at the prestigious university, the future related to the construction of a shiny karery- it was available majors, without queues and any obstacles. Since 2006, this word again returned to our usual vocabulary. Today majors are called, as a rule, men littering money and leading a loose way of life, and the word "zamazhoritsya" refers to an appeal to the wrong way of life, full of drugs and endless shopping. The objectives of the majors general belief aimed only at syskanie fame and prestige among his kind, majors absolutely disinclined to work and build a family. Mazhory often infantile and not prone to an independent life, based on the full financial support of rich dads and moms.

Major as a key

Interestingly, in the classic sense of the word"C" refers to the world of music. You do not have to have a musical education, in order to distinguish the works written in a major vein. A major key in the music can be melodic or harmonic, has seven steps, a distinguishing feature of the third spaced apart from the first a major third.
White piano keys are designed to extract ascalled majeure notes with a cheerful and lively color. For works of this kind may include marches. Major concerns the category of modes, which, in addition to him, belongs to its antipode, Minor.
The names of "major" and "minor" has long receivedfigurative meaning, and it is widely used in everyday life, so say the excellent, positive mood, haunting throughout the day, call it a "buoyant". Sad and sad state of mind usually attributed to the "minor".

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