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What is a "Louboutin"

What LaBute

For more than 20 years of footwear from the famous French brand Christian Louboutin continues its triumphal march around the world, and the number of fans of the brand is increasing every year.

What is the secret appeal of "labutenov"?

And why for some models being a real hunt?

Historical reference

Renowned fashion designer Christian Louboutin was born inParis in 1963. Engage his life's work he came about by accident. At a young age, during a visit to the Museum of Oceanography youth I saw a sign with a picture on it crossed shoe heels, informed that the entrance to the shoe heels is prohibited, as it may damage the mosaic floor. This spectacle made on the boy a lasting impression.

After that, all his notebooks were full of shoe sketches, for which he often received comments from teachers.

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Youth young talent took place behind the scenesParis Music Hall. This led to the establishment of a Christian is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable shoes. Looking at the dancers, he thought about the height of the heel and platform and other elements of the shoe.
According to the maestro, as he creates a newcouple, then, before you run it on the market, he must be sure that a woman will be able to go into these shoes all over Paris and not get tired. Fans of the fashion house is fully chop up his mind and said that "Louboutin" even at incredibly high heels are comfortable, though slippers.

An unconventional approach

A distinctive feature of the shoes from Christian Louboutin red sole is.

Maestro himself jokingly calls it «follow me» - «Follow me».

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The idea came spontaneously. Once the designer wanted to revive the black boat. For this he took the red lacquer from his assistant and painted them sole. Starting from 5 September 2012, the brand Christian Louboutin has the exclusive right to use the red soles. Now is a registered trademark.

Favorite star

"Louboutin" are frequent companions to starsthe red carpet. Among the fans of the brand can be identified Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Taylor, Dita Von Teese, Sarah Jessica Parker and many others. In 2009, Jennifer Lopez sang «Louboutins» and devoted to her favorite shoes.

The designer also did not remain in debt and oftenencourages its loyal shoppers, creating shoes in their honor. So, for example, in 2010, it was put on sale shoes with colored straps "Lively", dedicated to the actress Blake Lively. And specially for the anniversary of Russian «Vogue» designer has created a pair of elegant shoes with inserts from magazine clippings.

Currently, the brand offers tailoring footwear for women and men, so to get an exclusive model shoes with red soles now open to all.

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