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WHAT is laser facial nano perforation


What is laser nano perforation of the face?</a>

Laser nanoperforation is called microscopic piercing of the skin of the face with the help of laser beams. This procedure is carried out in order to update the skin.

The result of nanoporphyring is a smoother and tighter skin of the face, a reduction in wrinkles and narrowing of the pores, getting rid of scars, scars, pigment spots and other defects.

Who is the laser nanoprobe

Laser nano-perforation is resorted mainly towomen. Those who want to hide cosmetic defects, or age-related changes, reflected primarily on the face. In some cases, doctors and professionals of beauty clinics prescribe this method as the most effective in comparison with others.

Laser specialist can prescribe nanoperforation to those patients who do not have other methods of treatment and correction for their health.

With the help of laser nanoporphyring, you can solve such problems:
- shallow age and facial wrinkles-
- floated oval face-
- small scars and scars, incl. Remaining after acne, burns, cuts and chicken pox-
- dark spots-
- Vascular network and asterisks -
- enlarged pores, etc.

How is the procedure performed

During the passage of laser nanoprobeThe use of special equipment that has undergone appropriate licensing and certification is envisaged. Therefore, when choosing a beauty salon or a clinic for aesthetic medicine, you should pay attention to the availability of the necessary documents for the equipment, as well as the qualification of a specialist.
Immediately before the procedure, the cosmetologistPutting on the patient's eyes special glasses to avoid damage to the tender retina. During the procedure itself, using a special nozzle on the skin, the laser beam acts, creating thousands of microscopic beams, which seem to puncture (perforate) the skin. These rays stimulate the process of natural restoration of the epidermis at the expense of its own resources. As a result, the body activates the production of collagen and elastin - substances responsible for the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
In other words, laser nanoprobeing startsThe regeneration process, and after several procedures the skin is tightened, wrinkles are smoothed, the pores become narrower, the elasticity and tone are increased. In addition, the relief of the skin is significantly improved, stretch marks, scars and scars are smoothed. In general, the facial skin acquires a fresh look.

The whole procedure lasts 20-30 minutes. The duration depends on the complexity of the operation and the selected mode and settings of the device. Due to the scattering of rays on the surface of the skin, no damage occurs.

Sensations during the procedure

It is believed that laser nanoprobe -Painless procedure. It is not always so. Sometimes the cosmetologist makes a decision about anesthesia of certain areas of the face, which he has to do with a special ointment. The fact is that some people have a lowered pain threshold, or they have extremely thin skin, so they can perceive possible slight tingling during the procedure that most patients feel, as unbearable pain. Much depends also on the condition of the treated zones, the selected mode of laser exposure, etc.
In the overwhelming majority of people do not experienceUnpleasant sensations during the procedure. But after it (in 2-3 hours) patients can fix redness of the face. This is the result of the expansion of capillaries, caused by the work of laser pulses, and an intense flow of blood to them. There is usually no discomfort. The redness drops after 2-3 days, and then you can see the amazing result of laser nanoporphyring - a smooth, smooth and radiant skin, a tightened oval face and a youthful look in general.

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