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What is laser facial nanoperforatsiya

What is laser facial nanoperforatsiya

Nanoperforatsiey called laser microscopic puncture skin using laser beams. This procedure is carried out in order to update the skin.

Result nanoperforatsii - more smooth and taut facial skin, reducing wrinkles and pore narrowing, to get rid of scars, scars, age spots and other defects.

This is a laser nanoperforatsiya

By laser nanoperforatsii resorted mainlywomen. Those who want to hide cosmetic defects or age-related changes, reflected primarily on the face. In some cases, medical professionals and health and beauty clinics prescribe this method as the most efficient in comparison with others.

Laser nanoperforatsiyu specialist can assign those patients in whom other methods of treatment and correction are not suitable for health.

With laser nanoperforatsii can solve such problems:
- Shallow age and facial morschinki-
- Floated oval litsa-
- Small scars, including left after acne, burns, cuts and chicken ospy-
- dark spots-
- Vascular mesh and "star" -
- Enlarged pores, and others.

How is the procedure

With the passage of the laser nanoperforatsiiIt provides for the use of special equipment that has passed the appropriate licensing and certification. Therefore, when choosing a beauty salon or clinic of aesthetic medicine should pay attention to the presence of the necessary documents for the equipment, as well as professional qualifications.
Immediately before the procedure cosmetologistHe puts on a patient eye goggles to prevent damage to the delicate retina. During the procedure using a special attachment to the skin affected by the laser flow, creating thousands mikroluchey that if punctured (perforated) skin. These rays stimulate the natural regeneration of the epidermis from its own resources. As a result, the body activates the production of collagen and elastin - the substance responsible for skin elasticity and smoothness.
In other words, the laser starts nanoperforatsiyathe regeneration process, and after a few treatments the skin is tightened, wrinkles are smoothed, pores are narrowed, elasticity and tone are increased. In addition, significantly improved relief of the skin, smooths stretch marks, scars and scars. In general, the facial skin gets a fresh new look.

The whole procedure lasts 20-30 minutes. The duration depends on the complexity of the work and the mode selected and machine settings. no damage occurs due to scattering of rays on the skin surface.

Sensations during the procedure

It is believed that laser nanoperforatsiya -painless procedure. It is not always so. Sometimes beautician decides to anesthesia certain areas of the face, which he has to do with a special ointment. The fact that some people have a lower pain threshold, or have very thin skin, so a possible slight tingling during the procedure, which feels the majority of patients, they may perceive as intolerable pain. Much depends on the condition treated zones selected mode laser exposure, etc.
The vast majority of people do not experiencediscomfort during the procedure. But after that (2-3 hours), patients can capture facial flushing. This is the result of expansion of capillaries caused by laser pulses work, and an intense rush of blood to them. Thus no discomfort is usually not noticeable. Redness subsides after 2-3 days, and then it becomes visible laser nanoperforatsii great result - smooth, smooth and radiant skin, trim the face and rejuvenated appearance as a whole.

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