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WHAT IS kit lens

What is the kit lens

Beginner photographer often does not know whatequipment and choose what is the difference between one species from another lens. For those who are planning to purchase the first SLR camera, the camera would be a godsend to the whale lens.

Often it is called a Kit or "kit lens".

whale's name comes from the lensEnglish Kit, the word translated as "set" or "set". This term refers to the camera lens, bundled with the camera. Traditionally, this camera, allowing to change the lens, and the whale comes to them as a staff.

Types whale lenses

the photographer can buy the camera if desired withoutlens, in which case he manages to save. With regards to whale lenses, often such equipment on a professional equipment market is found in plastic. Manufacturers are trying to make a whale lenses are the most versatile and inexpensive, so the metallic elements in them at least.
There is a division in the whale lenses:
•; telephoto - they are calledtelephoto lenses. These lenses are distinguished by a long focal length, for example, 70-300 mm or 55-200 mm. Whale telephoto lenses selected for portraits, close-ups.
•; Short-- such widescreenlenses have a viewing angle of 17 to 85 mm. Therefore, they can be used for taking pictures of urban landscapes and even portraits. Short-Photoobjectives are the most popular delivery option.
Separately isolated and "Double» Kit or Double Kit - is a variant of the delivery of technology in the kit with two lenses - teleobektivnym and shirokofokusnym.

How to choose a kit lens

Universal "Kit" will be the best choice,if you have learned the basics of photography and often forced to go to the shooting. To save space in your backpack or purse, you can not take a number of different lenses, and one Kit. Although experts believe that the whale photographic lenses hardly allow you to shoot in low light conditions, it is possible to adapt to this technology.
There is also a "Whale" Disadvantageslack of sharpness and "blurring" the image, so the detail pictures becomes problematic. Nevertheless, the contrast between the "soap box" and a SLR camera with standard lens whale is striking. It should also be remembered that the quality of the lens will depend on the manufacturer.
Whale lenses enable you to practiceunderstand the details of automatic or manual focus, and other nuances. entry-level lenses - great for an amateur or "advanced" photographer who still can not afford the expensive optics.

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