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WHAT IS kit lens

Whale lens

Anyone who begins acquaintance with the art of photography, must have heard about the "whale lens."

A strange phrase evokes a false association with marine mammals, but its real meaning more prosaic.

The term "kit lens" or "kit lens"It comes from the English word kit, which means "set / set". Meet him only when buying cameras with interchangeable lenses. Sometimes manufacturers sell the camera without a lens (the so-called body), who purchase photographers who already have a set of suitable lenses, or are planning to buy a suitable separately. Beginners are invited photographers camera with lens attached.

What are the characteristics kit lenses?

Kit lenses are deliberately made mostcheap. This affects the quality. Their hulls are made of plastic, used low-quality lens, autofocus simple drives, etc. While using them, and you can make great shots with more expensive lenses results will be more spectacular.
Aperture, ie their abilityflowing stream of light without loss of its intensity, is here too low, as a rule, f / 3.5-5.6 for short-focus model, which is a very low figure.
Kit lenses in most kitsuniversal. This allows their use in different types of shooting, but they will always play the optics implemented by certain tasks. Such characteristics are understandable, because the task kit lens - to introduce the photographer to different genres, giving him the ability to shoot each of them.

What are kits

Usually cameras are equipped with two types of kit lenses, which have their own characteristics.

Short-wide angle lenses -the most common are the focal length of 18-55 millimeters (3.5 times zoom). This focal length range allows you to shoot portraits, landscapes, and maintain the daily shooting.
Long-telephoto lenses with focaldistance of 55 or 70 mm to 300 - with their help, you can also shoot portraits, but with a greater distance to the subject and shooting at wide viewing angle, as well as objects that are far away from the photographer. Amatours preferable to use kit lenses of the first set.
There are also sets of double (double kit). This includes just two lenses: a wide-angle and telephoto. This kit is best because it allows better to reveal the capabilities of the camera, but is more expensive.

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