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WHAT is Sievert Carthage's Syndrome


What is Sievert Carthage syndrome</a>

Syndrome Sievert-Kartagenera is seriousA genetic disease characterized by the reverse arrangement of internal organs, chronic bronchitis, rhinosinusitis, otitis, and in some cases male infertility.

The condition is incurable, but the disease can be controlled with regular supervision by the doctor.

The disease is characterized primarily by three features: the reverse location of internal organs, pansinusitis and bronchiectasis.

Transposition of organs

Reverse arrangement of organs (transposition)Characterized by the mirror position of all organs in the human body. For example, the location of the heart on the right, and the liver on the left. This condition affects all the organs of the human chest and abdomen. The disease does not pose a serious threat and is not a sentence for people born with this vice - they are able to lead a healthy lifestyle in the absence of heart defects.


Chronic sinusitis manifests itself in inflammationSinuses of the nose and is a frequent complication of some diseases and in healthy people. It is characterized by unpleasant sensations in the nose, which increase with the progression of the disease. There is also difficulty in breathing through the nose, runny nose and fever.

Sometimes these symptoms are noticeable against the background of general fatigue and weakness.


The third disease with a symptomSievert-Cartagena - bronchiectasis, which is manifested by the constant appearance of pus in the functionally impaired bronchi. Symptoms are exacerbation of pus abscess during coughing in the spring-autumn period, malaise and fever. Sometimes hemoptysis and bleeding in the lungs are noted. In the pictures, the lung is marked as underdeveloped, a periodic cough with a discharge of purulent sputum appears.


The syndrome manifested itself in childhood with symptoms,Which are typical for the above diseases at the same time. There are annual exacerbations of the disease and shortness of breath during physical activity, which is caused by problems with bronchi and nasal breathing.
A conservative technique is used, including the sanitation (recovery) of the respiratory organs by medicamental or surgical routes.

Treatment of patients involves getting rid of the symptoms of the disease, since other methods in the treatment of genetically determined syndrome are not possible.

Surgical improvement of the patient's condition is successfulAchieve through the removal of dead tissue, which interfere with the process of restoring the lungs to their original state. For better sputum discharge, drainage is sometimes installed, and breathing exercises and chest massages are also used. Most often mucolytic drugs are prescribed to improve expectoration of pus.

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