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What is it and ip telephony

What is it and ip telephony

IP-telephony is very popular.

This in its own innovative way of communication enables users of personal computers and all the people completely new horizons.

IP telephony and IT is essentially the same. Such kind of phones are becoming more popular with each passing day. Until recently, the Internet and telephone were completely different things, which can not in any way to unite. Now, there IP (IT) - telephony. It is this type of communication, thanks to which the personal computer, the user can easily, without getting up from your desk to call relatives, friends or colleagues. In this case, communication with the other user will be handled by most Internet or any other IP-network.

The history of the emergence and use of

The very communications technology appeared for a long time, even in the80s. Actively disseminate and use IP-telephony technology began in 1995. Those technologies which have been used before, do not go to any comparison with what is used today. For example, the audio compression is performed before using the GSM-technology. Until recently, this technology Russian not used, and in the United States, it has started to use only about seven years ago. Today, for the transmission of information (including audio compression and decompression) using a completely different technology, which displays the IP-telephony to a new level.

Advantages of IP-telephony

This kind of communication has a greatnumber of advantages. For example, from an economic point of view on the implementation of such calls using IP-telephony, people will spend a lot less money. Even more important it will be in the event that a person quite often carries out long-distance or international calls. The next advantage is that people can easily make a call, or call a computer source, or mobile phone. In order to take advantage of IP-telephony, you need to connect the special gateways for IP-telephony. With these gateways and the user just has an opportunity to make a call as a phone and a computer. The principle of operation of such telephony is that this gateway, which on one side is to be connected to the telephone, and on the other to the IP-network, receives a special signal and digitizes it. Then, after this process is completed, the incoming signal is divided into a special data packets and compressed to the optimum size. This data is then sent to a special address.

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