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What is IP-intercom

What is IP-intercom

Normal intercom system has usually two buttons - "conversation" and "Castle".

Such devices are now fitted in almost every high-rise building. IP-Intercom system - a multi-function device.

Thanks to him, you can not only see the person who came to visit you, but also to control the lock of his front door, even if they are away from their place of residence.

The design of IP-Doorphone

IP-intercom system comprises several blocks. When installing the system, you can hold a separate local area network with the installation of several devices in the right places, or use an existing line for the Internet. Most often blocks ip-install the intercom at the front door, or in a parking lot in front of the garage, as well as the area around the house or inside. The number of additional devices, not limited. Install them, you can even in every room.

On IP-intercom, you can communicate with several people in neighboring apartments or rooms. Most of the devices allows you to call up to five people.

All IP-intercom blocks connected to each other. View information from all cameras is possible with the help of a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This can be done even from a distance thanks to a device called a LAN switch.
Most often, to manage ip-intercom acquire a SIP-phone special. Connect them to the network much easier, and in addition to access to the information you are getting a lot of convenient extra features.
IP-intercoms installed in individualapartments and private sectors, as well as in multi-storey buildings. If one device is connected to multiple subscribers, link, usually is the operator. Most often it is, for example, the concierge entrance. In the video signal associated with the Janitor tenant sends the picture and gets permission or prohibition of access to the person's house or reports that the owners of apartments available.

Features IP-Doorphone

The main feature is the ip-intercomthe ability to open a guest apartment in the moment when you are not home. For example, you were late, and come to you someone from friends or relatives who you really waiting for. To people not waiting for you on the street, you can let him into the apartment or house. Calls on the intercom and you receive a special message by connecting the camcorder to the right, you will see his visitor. Further, pressing, blocking the lock, you open the door easily.

IP-intercoms are equipped with features such as reminders of specific events, audio signals are not the door is closed, the message in the security service of breaking the lock, as well as an answering machine.

One of the main advantages of ip-intercomsis communication between several subscribers. You can get in touch not only with its neighbors, but also to talk with people in other rooms of your home. For example, if you want to call the child for breakfast, you can let him know about it, without straining the vocal cords, and without detracting from the cooking process.
If over time youno home, you can use the memory function ip-intercom. In video mode the device will tell you about all the guests and the events that happened in your apartment, in the rooms or on the territory adjacent to the house.

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