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Integrated marketing communications, abbreviated IMC, is a complex of events, built around one basic idea and allowing to fully manage product promotion in the market.

Integrated marketing communicationsInclude all the main communication lines of the company: advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal sales, publicity and direct marketing. Such an integrated approach is used to achieve two main goals: informing customers about goods and services, and increasing sales volumes.

The IMC strategy is developed in severalStages. Initially, research is being conducted: the main competitors and communication campaigns conducted by them over the last couple of years are studied - it is estimated how effective they were. At the same time, information on the target audiences of the product is collected, the situation in the selected market segment is analyzed, and the organization's own SWOT analysis is compiled.

Based on the data obtained,Communicative goals and tasks facing the company, suitable IMC components are selected, with the help of which they are more conveniently implemented. For all selected elements of communication, a single idea is created: a common design and a basic message. For each of the components, channels are selected, along which the idea will be conveyed, detailed scenarios will be compiled and the budget will be calculated.

Marketing communications are the leastCost and most effective type of promotion campaign, as it allows you to economically distribute funds between information channels, which, in turn, affect the consumer from different sides.

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