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What INN

With the advent of computers, local and global networks it has become possible to organize automated accounting in many government agencies.

After registration is required to obtain accurate statistical information on which to do the analysis and forecasts.

This is a form of accounting and VAT - tax identification number.

What is the INN

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)assigned to the tax inspection at the place of residence or registration of individuals and legal entities. This is a unique number - a code which must be every taxpayer, regardless of form of ownership. This code consists of 12 digits, the first two - the code of the region where it is constantly recorded this natural or legal person, the following two numbers - the number of tax inspections, in which it is registered, the other eight digits - serial number and a check digit.
TIN is required to identify anytaxpayer, consisting as it registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. This number can control tax calculation and payment of taxes. The fact that you have a VAT number, confirm the document called "Certificate of registration of the physical (or legal) person in the tax authority in the territory of the Russian Federation", it also indicates the TIN.

Once the resulting TIN remains in man forever, even when he changes the place of residence and the other passport data.

Require evidence of VAT you can in the case,when you want to get a job in any government institution. You have the right not to disclose it to anyone, even if you are applying to the bank on the loan, or hand over to the tax office a declaration of income, employees and so will find this number in its database.

TIN is assigned without fail to all who have to pay taxes on the territory of Russia, including the citizens of other states.

Do I need to change the VAT number when changing residence or surname

If you have changed the place of permanent residence andwere registered in another tax office, as well as if you took the names change, the name or middle name, VAT number does not change, but the form in which the indicated outdated information, must be replaced. A statement about this, you should contact the tax office at the new place of residence or to the same, if there was only a change of names.
The application shall enclose the old certificateregistration with the tax organe- document proving your lichnost- certificate of the new place of residence or document the basis for the name change: evidence for the conclusion or dissolution of marriage, certificate of change of name, surname or middle name. The tax office at the place of previous registration of any information you submit is not required - they will remove you from the register based on the information provided from the passport office.

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