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What is included in the material and technical base of the enterprise

What is included in the material and technical base of the enterprise

Optimum formation and rational use of the means of production belonging to the logistical base of the enterprise is an important condition for its effective economic activity.

The composition of these means of production is determined and depends on the type of economic activity, which is engaged in the enterprise.

What is the material and technical base

In the language of economists,material-technical base of the enterprise is an element of the productive forces, on the basis of which the production relations develop between the actors of the production process. In fact, this set of means of production, material and material elements necessary for the operation of the enterprise.
Material and technical base has a natural andcost structure. In that part of it, which has a natural expression, depending on the type of activities can include tools and objects of labor: tools, machinery and equipment, industrial buildings and supporting facilities, perennial plants, raw materials, building materials, seed stock, working and productive livestock feed, etc. Valuation expression may vary according to the degree of wear and tear. Elements of the material and technical base are arranged in accordance with their use in a particular process.
The concept of material and technical base takes into account notOnly the presence and composition of the components, but also their status: specifications and suitability for production premises, the age of machines, tools and equipment, matching the available material resources production cycle used in the enterprise.

The composition of the material and technical base

As already mentioned, it depends on the type of activity of the enterprise. For example, a company engaged in the hotel business, in the material and technical base will include:
- All existing buildings and structures of the administrative, industrial, economic, technical and support naznacheniya-
- Engineering systems, includingdrainage, water supply, ventilation and elevators konditsionirovanie- podemniki- and radio and television systems, telephone communications and signaling pozharotusheniya-
- The elements of hotel industry infrastructure,situated on its territory: sidewalks, driveways, flower beds, perennial plants, areas for sports and children, as well as swimming pools, fountains, marinas etc.
If the company is engaged in productionagricultural products, its material and technical base will consist of material and technical resources and equipment - machinery and equipment. For logistical resources may include: animal feed, seed, animal fattening, fuel and lubricants, and so forth.

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