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What it is in the car

What it is in the car

The car - a means of comfortable movement, is a sophisticated device that consists of a number of interconnected nodes, basic and additional systems and components.

The carrier vehicle elements

In the beginning of the automotive assemblyall machines was carried out on the basis of a rigid frame. The frame serves as the basis for the fixing of all the mechanisms of the body and, therefore, called a carrier. Today frame structures were primarily by truck and off-road vehicles throughout the several views of male pattern. Now the assembly of passenger cars produced by monocoque, which is a basic element for fixing all other components and assemblies. Inside the body create a cozy and comfortable lounge.

The first known drawings of the vehicle with a spring drive owned by Leonardo da Vinci, but none of the current instance, no details of its existence to this day never came.


The internal combustion engine - unitperforming the main role in the possibility of moving cars. It converts the chemical energy of the fuel which is burned in the engine into mechanical work of the working chamber, through which the car has to move. The main drawback of this engine is considered high production capacity only in a narrow range of speeds. In some modern models of cars all new hybrid and electric engines have been used more frequently, which can run on hydrocarbon fuels or electricity. But to completely replace the internal combustion engines, they currently can not, so the vast majority of trucks equipped with engines of internal combustion. Engine lubrication is made directly to the built-in engine oil system.


Transmission - a set of devices intendedto transfer energy in the form of engine torque to the drive wheels. The transmission of the car belongs to a very important nodes participating in the vehicle. There are manual and automatic transmission. Selection of gear ratio transmission, which determines the amount of torque to the drive wheels of the car, determined by the purpose of the car, engine parameters and dynamic characteristics.

Suspension system

Vehicle Suspension - a complex system of units,which includes arms, shock absorbers, springs and hinge elements. Depending on the type of suspension, it can also consist of additional electrical or pneumatic element. With harness assemblies wheel can be rotated and effectively overcome any unevenness of road surfaces. Rectilinear retention wheels also ensure the good work of this system. Suspension is responsible for the behavior of the car on the road and ride comfort.


By following the main assembly of any vehiclefunds directly connected with the suspension system, steering system applies, which provides movement in the right direction for the driver. The main element of the steering system is a steering wheel, with the help of which you are directional control of the vehicle.

Brake system

The brake system is included in the list of majorof vehicle components. Managed by the system is the brake pedal, which is under the influence of a driving force is transmitted to the energy system of enlarged brake pads.

electrical system

The electrical system of the car is alsoone of the main units of the car. It includes engine start system, battery, alternator and wiring. Electrical vehicle is responsible for the smooth start-up of the engine and the work of all elements of the car, consuming electricity.

Despite the great diversity of the cars, their device can always be divided into three main parts: engine, chassis and body.

Description of the main systems and units should also be supplemented with heating, cooling, air conditioning and washing, elements and details, creating additional comfort.

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