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WHAT lurks under the hem of a wedding dress


What is hidden under the hem of the wedding dress</a>

Choosing a wedding dress is how to choose a watermelon: you can touch it, knock on it, but until you cut it - you do not know what's inside.

Of course you do not have to rip out clothes, but to look, literally, under the hem and look at the details you need.

It is there that secrets are hidden that make the dress - the embodiment of beauty and grace, and you - the real queen.



Look at the wrong side
The hem of the dress. The edges of the skirt should be smooth and carefully processed, however, like all seams. Sewing threads and random threads are not allowed.


Natural lining
Pay special attention to the quality of the fabric, which will directly touch the skin. Natural fabrics are a priority, especially if the celebration is planned for the warm season.


Corset Bones
Increasingly, instead of metal plates,Plastic regilin: it is more comfortable, just emphasizes the figure of the bride and protects the corset from the appearance of creases. Be sure to check how the bones are fixed and check for flexibility.


Take a closer look at the details
To check the quality of the fabric - touch the dress, your skin will tell you unmistakably how much this material suits you. The slightest discomfort, give up the dress.


Beads and crystals
These decor elements on high-quality wedding dresses are sewn together so that, if desired, you will not see the thread. Option with glue - is excluded.


Most often there are two variants of lacyDresses: from a single canvas or fragments of lace sewn on tulle. Both options are good, but if the cost of the product is considerable, then the most delicate material should be integral.


Be sure to take the dress in hand to understand how much it weighs: you in fact in this attire all day to be, and the easier it will be, the easier it will be for you to move in it.

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