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What is hidden under the hem of a wedding dress

What is hidden under the hem of a wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress is how to choose a watermelon: it can touch, tap it, but not yet razrezhesh - do not know what's inside.

Certainly rip the clothes you do not have, but look, literally, at the hem and it is necessary to look at the details.

It was there that lurk secrets that make the dress - the embodiment of beauty and grace, and you - a queen.



consider the underside
Hem dress. The edges of the skirt should be smooth and carefully treated, however, as all seams. Obsypaniya strings and random strings are not allowed.


natural lining
Pay special attention to the quality of fabric, which will directly touch the skin. Natural fabrics in priority, especially if the celebration is scheduled for the warmer months.


corset bones
Increasingly, instead of the metal plates usedregilin plastic: it is more convenient, as well emphasizes the bride's shape and protects the corset from the appearance of wrinkles. Be sure to see how the bones are fixed and check for flexibility.


Look for details
To check the quality of the fabric - dress Feel your skin accurately tell you how much this stuff is right for you. The slightest diskomfort- refuse dresses.


Beads and crystals
These decorative elements on the high-quality wedding dresses are sewn in such a way that if you want you will not see the thread. Option with glue - is excluded.


Two variants are the most common lacedresses: from whole cloth or pieces of lace sewn onto tulle. Both options are good, but if the product cost considerable, even gentle material should be intact.


Be sure to pick up a dress in hand, to understand how much it weighs: you because in this dress all day to be and what it will be easier, so it will be easier to move it.

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