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What is freeze drying coffee

What is sublimation

Today, coffee drinkers around the world can not take the time to cook fragrant drink from roasted and milled coffee beans.

Suffice it to pour into a mug spoon sublimated crystals to enjoy the get coffee.

Freeze-dried coffee buyers sayunnatural, because it is one of the varieties of soluble beverage. However, for its production are not used any chemical additives, as well as for ground coffee.
Although the best taste andindescribable aroma have milled grain, freeze-dried coffee makes it easier to get a cup of scalding beverage. Coffee does not need to cook, you just boil the water and pour the desired portion of water.

freeze dried coffee manufacturing technique

What is the difference from the freeze-dried coffeeagglomerated? Both of the product - instant coffee, for which coffee extract is used. It is made from green beans, which are subjected to roasting, grinding and brewing. The end result of these manipulations is becoming extract, which is 100% natural. Before entering its sale process, turning into a powder.

The difference is freeze dried coffee crystals and color - light brown.

Freeze-dried coffee requires extrafreezing coffee extract. The powder was also dried under vacuum to preserve its delicate aroma and flavor. freeze dry method or "freeze-Dryden" allows freezout unnecessary fluid.
On the shelves are increasingly foundfreeze-dried drink, crystallization properties helps keep the coffee due to the absence of the liquid phase. Drink the last stage of freezing coffee, as well as ground coffee, we recommend no more than five cups a day.

The characteristics of freeze dried coffee

The fact that you buy freeze-dried coffee, andnot easy soluble, tell the inscription on the packaging and price. In the freeze-dried product cost will be slightly higher due to the complexity of the process of preparation of the coffee.
Coffee sublimated type are easily distinguished externallyother types of coffee. It is quite dense granules and homogeneous, they look like tiny pyramids. On contact with hot water forms a coffee a little white foam, which is dissolved while stirring.

Freeze-dried coffee is produced, not all brands, and only the most well-known companies, this is due to high costs for the purchase of sophisticated equipment.

At the instant coffee freezenatural flavor was added, and the beverage of lower quality improves artificial ingredients. Generally, freeze-dried coffee in a glass jar in no way inferior to the characteristics of the product in the soft pack. Often you can find the writing of "sublimation", but according to the norms of the Russian language will be the mention of the name with two "n".

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