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What is fraught with its deep Mariana Trench

What hides in its depths of the Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench - oceanic trench is located in the western Pacific Ocean, near the Mariana Islands.

This profound geographical object on the planet.

The depth of the Mariana Trench reaches to 11,022 m. The pressure near the bottom of the trough is 108.5 MPa, which is more than 1,000 times higher than normal atmospheric pressure.

Legends of the Mariana Trench

January 23, 1960 took place onlyimmersing a person to depression bottom. Lieutenant Don Walsh and scientist Jacques Piccard on the bathyscaphe "Trieste" reached the bottom of the trough. However, after some time, the device which detects the noise was transmitted to the surface sounds like metal grinding. At the same time it appears on the monitor screen, then disappeared huge shadows of strange creatures.
An hour later, the ship's captain was takenthe decision to raise the bathyscaphe to the ocean floor. The rise lasted for over 8 hours. When the bathyscaphe was on board the ship, it was found out that the housing underwater vehicle, made of durable titanium-cobalt steel was bent and the line on which the submersible was lowered, was sawn in half. Who would want to leave the "Trieste" at the bottom of the depression is unknown.

A similar situation occurred during the descent into the cavity"Hayfish» German bathyscaphe. All the crew claimed that they had seen at a depth of 7 km great animal resembling a lizard, which clung to the vessel teeth.

Is life possible at these depths

Scientists have long been trying to solve the mysteries of marinedepths. How should look like creatures that live under the influence of the enormous pressure and low temperatures? The challenges of studying such deep enough, but human ingenuity knows no bounds. Quite a long time, scientists believed that in the dark ocean floor, under the monstrous pressure of life can not exist.
But with the help of unmanned submersibles thatexplored the Pacific Ocean at a depth of over 6000 meters, it was proven otherwise. At such depths Pogonophora huge colonies of organisms were found. This invertebrate creature lives in a long chitinous tube, open at both ends. As a result of further research, more variety of creatures have been found.

At greater depths the sunlight and algae are not available, there is an abundance of high salinity and carbon dioxide.

Creatures of the Mariana Trench

With the help of the latest technology at a depth of 6 to 11 km in the cavity following organisms were found:
- Foraminifera - simple Squad, subclass rhizopod have cytoplasmic body, dressed in rakovinu-
- Xenophyophore - simple barofilnye bakterii-
- Barofilnye bacteria - develop only in the presence of a high pressure-
- Polychaete chervi-
- bokoplavy-
- Isopods raki-
- Sea cucumbers and snails.
This is a list of those animals that have beenidentified. But at the bottom of the worms were seen as a length of about 1.5 meters, octopus mutant, strange sea stars and soft-bodied two-meter strange creature of nature.

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