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WHAT is fair play


What is fair play</a>

Honesty, respect for rivals and judges are the main rules that are promoted in sport.

These ideas are officially fixed by the movement, which is known throughout the world as fair play.

Key principles

Fair play ("fair play" in English) is a set of moral and ethical rules that work in sports. This code is designed to make sports fair and fair.
The main principle of fair play is respect for the opponent, to the judges and to the rules of the game. Athletes are required to take all decisions of the arbitrators, challenging them in a special order and as correctly as possible.
Fair play prohibits the use of doping and anyOther means of artificial stimulation. The rules of fair play provide that at the start of the competition, athletes should have the same chances to win. At the same time, participants are recommended to restrain emotions and adequately accept the results of the competitions.

History of fair play

This concept began to emerge in the eraThe formation of modern sports, in the XIX century. Then sports competitions were held mainly between representatives of the middle and upper strata of society. There were certain principles of the behavior of a gentleman who paid more attention to the process of the game than to its result.
Fair play was developed in the Olympic movement, which promoted humanistic ideas, tried to make sports unselfish and direct it to the formation of a harmonious personality.

Organization of movement

On a global scale, the fair play movementCoordinated by the International Council for Sports Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), which was established in 1958. Special units that promote fair play ideas also exist with the Olympic committees of different countries and international federations of certain sports. Careful attention is paid to the work of spreading the rules of fair play in children and youth sports.

Examples of fair play

In the sports world, there have been many cases,When the participants of the competition followed the principles of fair play. However, the classical example of nobility in sport is the act of the player of the USSR national football team Igor Netto.
In 1962, the Soviet team held a matchGroup tournament of the World Cup with the national team of Uruguay. The national team of the Soviet Union scored a goal for Latin Americans, but the ball was in the net, flying through the hole formed in it. The ball should not have been counted, to which Neto indicated the referee. As a result, the goal was fairly canceled, and the USSR team that match still won.

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