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What is fair play

What is fair play

Honesty, respect for opponents and judges - are the basic rules that are promoted in the sport.

These ideas are formalized movement, which is known throughout the world as fair play.

Key principles

Fair play ( «fair game" translated from English) - a set of moral and ethical rules that apply in the sport. This body is designed to make sports fair and honest.
The basic principle of fair play is the respect for the opponent, to the judges and to the rules of the game. Competitors are instructed to take all the decisions of the arbitrators, challenging them in a specific order, and most correctly.
Fair play and prohibits the use of any dopingother artificial means used. Fair play rules provide that at the start of the competition the athletes must have the same chances of winning. The participants recommend to restrain emotions and adequately to take the results of the competition.

The history of fair play

This concept is beginning to emerge in the erathe emergence of modern sport, in the XIX century. Then sports events held mainly between the middle and upper classes. There were certain principles of conduct gentleman who paid more attention to the process of the game, rather than its result.
Fair play was developed in the Olympic movement, which promoted the humanistic ideas, sought to make the sport unselfish and send it to the formation of a harmonious personality.

Traffic Management

Globally, the movement fair playcoordinated by the International Council for Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), which was established in 1958. Special units that promote the idea of ​​fair play, as there are with the Olympic committees of different countries and international federations of individual sports. Careful attention is paid to work for the dissemination of fair play rules in the children's and youth sports.

Examples of fair play

In the sports world there is a lot of cases,when the competition participants have followed the principles of fair play. However, the classic example of nobility in the sport is the player of the USSR national football act Igor Netto.
In 1962, the Soviet team held matchthe group stage of the World Cup with the national team of Uruguay. Soviet Union National Team scored Latinos goal, but the ball was in the net, flying through the resulting hole in it. The ball should not have counted on that net and have a meeting before a judge. As a result, the goal was rightly abolished, and the Soviet Union team that game is still won.

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