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Personal Card - binding document all drivers

Personal driver card - a document that contains information about the person who drives the vehicle. In her data on the end of a driving school are made, drivers, etc.

Driving record may be of several forms, depending on public facilities is starts and stored.

The main driving record

The first driving record is created foreach person receives the right to drive the car. It is formed by another stage of training in a driving school. It is pasted photograph, passport data are entered, the data on the resulting categories previously obtained categories, during the training, the number of theoretical hours and listened visit workshops, information about the organization that issued the medical certificate. On completion of the course in a driving school to get the information entered on the results of an internal exam.

There are electronic personal driver card. They are connected to the vehicle on-board computer and can read the information about vehicle mileage, speed, etc.

After completed training in a driving school,personal card and a copy of it, along with other documents transmitted to the traffic police, where it is recorded the date and time of passing the exam, the data obtained a driver's license.
Further personal card kept by the driver. Since it should be handled carefully. In case of loss or damage is not reversed. If you lose your driver's license or the expiry of its validity driver card is presented to the traffic police to obtain a duplicate.

Personal card driver in the enterprise

If the company has a staff of drivers,then each of them is put in the mandatory driving record, according to Russian law. This document provides an engineer to ensure the safety of traffic or other responsible person appointed by order of the head.

Under the new rules, taxi drivers and otherPublic transport must have a driver's card with him. It is located on a kind and contains information about the identity of the driver and the company.

The card data recorded on vocationaldriver reliability. Information about the driving experience, information passed safety training of certification data, re-certification, professional development, information about all the officially confirmed violations of traffic rules and measures in relation to the driver penalties for violating rules of operation entrusted to the vehicle, a map or chart especially critical routes, information about promotions and rewards for the driver's activity, make an annual record of the well-trodden mileage.
Personal driver card has not legislatedattached form and approved by the special order of the company's management. It can be paid and other data relevant to the driver in the enterprise.

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