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What is different from the windows 8.1 windows 8


Windows 8.1 - the operating system, which is a beta version of Windows 8. It is released on October 18, 2013. Microsoft has been forced to create a new version due to the huge amount of criticism that befell on Windows 8.

First of all, it should be noted that in the newversion has been returned to the button "Start" with the lack of which most of the criticism has been linked. However, its ability to greatly cut down, compared to previous versions of Windows. It is unlikely that this will satisfy users as important to the very existence of a button, and access to its functionality.
The biggest changes were madeMetro-interface adapted for touch devices. Add two sizes of tiles, it is possible to change their size and grouped tiles. Expanded personalization capabilities. I added some very interesting applications, such as: "Skype", «Alarm", "Cooking", "Health and Fitness", etc. Added the ability to automatically update applications.
On the Windows 8.1 set a new Internet Explorer 11, which, according to the assurances of developers, has increased the speed of work, which may be useful for slower computers and mobile devices. Also, the new IE 11 allows you to open multiple tabs side by side on one screen. Their number depends on the selected resolution.
Significantly altered and improved featuresSearch, made integration with the Bing service. Now when you search, the user is given complete information about the requested object, it does not need to make any more moves.
In Windows 8.1 provides for the possibility of starting the download, after which the user is taken directly to the classic desktop, bypassing the Metro. There was an easier way to completion - by right-clicking on the button "Start". In addition to the new version has DirectX 11.2 support and of 3D-printers.
As you can see, Windows 8.1, a host of changes that distinguish it from Windows 8. Many of them are very important, much easier to work with the operating system. It seems strange that the developers have not guessed to include all of these features in the original version.
In this regard, when buying a laptop or PCpreloaded with Windows 8 is recommended immediately upgrade to Windows 8.1. This can be done through the Windows Store - an application located in the Metro.

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