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What is different from the tonal foundation foundation

What is different from the tonal foundation foundation

Creating the perfect make-up involves the use of tonal resources, among which there are the basis and foundation.

Many of the fair sex do not see a significant difference between the two products, considering them interchangeable tools.

And while the cream and the foundation needed to mask flaws and produce smooth color, their purpose and capabilities vary.

Tonal foundation has a wide range oftasks, rather than a cream. The base product is used when it is necessary to align the skin or visually correct the shortcomings. The cream also need to give the skin a beautiful, fresh shade. In other words, the tonal base is the foundation for make-up and cream - its complement.

The objectives and characteristics of the tonal framework

Base makeup evens out skin relief,prepare the surface for application of foundation, blush. Using the basics of make-up allows you to stay longer. Depending on skin type, you can choose a liquid or thick base. The liquid consistency foundation is more suitable combination, oily skin, and thick - dry. There are also gel base.
The effect depends on the color tone base. The green base help hide the redness, inflammation, pearl - makes the skin younger, pink - will remove the gray earthy hue. Use pink, peach or beige color need to give the skin a healthy look.
Tonal framework is required to fix the make-up and removal of greasy. Serves as a barrier between decorative cosmetics and skin care, it allows the epidermis to breathe and protects it moisturizes.
When you first apply foundation, then concealer, make-up resistance is not less than five hours. Only one foundation will look flawless for about two hours.

Differences from the foundation base

The base for make-up as part of a collagen, siliconeand other components that make the skin perfectly smooth. Therefore the basis of visually aligns the small wrinkles, conceals small scars, scars from acne. So that the use of tonal framework is especially recommended for problem skin.
Tone Cream modern manufacturers alsoconfer moisturizing, nourishing action. This product can make your skin glow, dark tone or a different tone, it all depends on the type of tool.
As the tonal foundations, creams vary inhue, texture and degree of transparency. Purchase can be liquid light means that perfectly moisturize and are composed of a little pigments. Tighter creams have a lot of pigment, so they are ideal for masking dark circles and other flaws.
Cream also serves to protect the skin fromUV dry air. When applying foundation on the basis or a regular moisturizer, you need to carefully shade structure to between base and shade by means of tone was not an abrupt transition.
Tonal foundation is better to impose a sponge and cream with your fingers, sponge or brush - it determines the consistency of the cosmetic product.

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