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What is different from strategy tactics


What is the difference between tactics and strategy </a>

The concepts of strategy and tactics, closely interrelated, are often confused.

In short, tactics are a more detailed and focused part of the strategy.

They have about the same relationship with each other as the goal and objectives.

What is strategy?

Strategy is the term that most oftenIs used in military affairs, but can be used in any other human activity. This is a general, ambitious plan, drawn up with a definite purpose for a long period of time. This word is often used to describe the plans of commanders during the war: for example, there is a strategy of destruction, a strategy of immorality, intimidation, indirect actions, and others. Use this term can be in any field: in the conquest of love, in achieving career heights, in economic planning, in the organization of business.
When developing a strategy, onlyA definite, ambitious goal that is not divided into small tasks. The strategy does not include a detailed description, it only builds an approximate plan, or rather, the direction of action.
The strategy is necessary in the event thatThe available resources are not enough for a quick and simple achievement of the goal. Therefore, it is necessary to think over an action plan in order to economically and efficiently spend these resources and obtain the desired result, depending on the situation.

What is tactics?

Tactics is different from the strategy of its narrowerOrientation. In fact, this is part of the strategy, which has a certain, closer and more precise goal. Tactics solve one of the tasks necessary to achieve the desired result. It is also called an instrument for implementing the strategy. In military affairs, tactics are the theory and practice of conducting combat by various units in different conditions. But it is also used in any other spheres.
Tactics are always more specific, detailed andIs short-lived in comparison with the strategy, but in reality these two concepts exist only in the relationship with each other. The best differences are manifested in time intervals. For example, if you organize a week, the plan for the day will be tactical to the strategy, but at the same time, the list of cases for the next two hours is a tactic compared to the strategy of the day.
Also, it is possible to distinguish between these two concepts by degreeTheir concretization. For example, a woman aims to attract the attention of a man. Analyzing the situation - his resources (appearance, intellect, advantages and disadvantages), surrounding conditions (the situation, the behavior of the man, his preferences), she develops a strategy for achieving her goal, for example, using beauty.
And in this case the tactics will be concreteActions: the use of certain cosmetics, attracting the attention of clothing, a set of measures to improve the figure. But if you consider the latter task as a separate goal - for example, you need to lose weight, then the strategy in this case will be the chosen direction: using diet or sports. A tactic will be a certain exercise or meal plan for a day, a week or a month.

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