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What is different from the total area of ​​residential

The total area is characterized by residential

When a person is faced with the sale or purchase of an apartment, it is necessary to have an understanding of its parameters and characteristics.

To one of the main concerns of such parameterssize of the apartment, and not just the area, and one that is common and that which is considered to be residential. They will never be equal and the total size is always greater than the living.

Even without seeing the apartment, it is already possible to make about her first impression on these two parameters.

Therefore, they are often specified in the description of the apartments offered for sale.

Determination of the total area

Since the parameter refers to the total areathe main characteristics of the apartment, its definition can be found in the LC RF. In claim 5 of Article 15 states that it is the sum of the squares of all the parts of a separate living accommodation - apartments. It includes the size of rooms and floor space with auxiliary facilities, such as storage rooms and dressing rooms. However, the area of ​​the outer parts of the premises: terraces, balconies and loggias in total area, according to the LCD are not included.
The definition of "living space" in the LCD is not given,but when it is calculating a standard document used as "Instructions on carrying out accounting of the housing stock in the Russian Federation" approved by Order of 08.04.1998 №37 Minzemstroya For this, the instructions included in the total area of ​​the area of ​​loggias, balconies and terraces, but with reduction coefficients for the loggias it is equal to 0.5, for balconies and terraces - 0.3. Since 2005, instruction was given in accordance with the LCD and the premises to account for the total area is not used. Balconies and unheated storage rooms are included in the total area of ​​its full size. A living area of ​​instruction defines as the term of all dwellings in the apartment.

General and residential area of ​​the apartment

Thus, when calculating the total areaaccounted for all the rooms in the apartment: rooms, toilets, bathrooms, corridors and passages, kitchen, air locks, closets, cold storage and floor staircase, if a two-level apartments. Of these, the habitable area will be considered only rooms.
Quantitative characterization of living space anywherenot used for the calculations of utility services applied the total area of ​​the apartment. But this concept is sometimes found in contracts to participate in the joint construction. In their description of the acquired share participant apartment is on the basis of project documentation data. These contracts also stipulate what area, or general home, is taken as a basis for calculating the value of the apartment. If the basis of calculation - Floor area, it increases the cost per square meter, so most developers use to determine the value of the total area to attract co-investors. But when a large footage outbuildings interest holders eventually can pay for an apartment for more money. If you are going to buy an apartment on the equity conditions, pay attention to this nuance, to choose a better option for you.

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