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What is different from the reserved seat coupe

What is different from the reserved seat coupe

Buying a train ticket, a person can choose between different types of cars: luxury, sleeping car with an increased level of comfort, seating, reserved seats or coupe.

In most cases, preference is given to the last two options.

What is a reserved seat and a compartment

Reserved seat passenger car called the budget. This carriage typically 54 seats. It is divided into 9 parts, each of which has 6 shelves for passengers, baggage 3 shelves, 3 shelves for luggage and 2 tables. In addition, each carriage has two toilets. Reserved seat is widespread in Soviet times: the development of such cars the main objective was to reduce the cost of tickets, and reduce the cost of transportation, it was decided to sacrifice the comfort of passengers.
The compartment cars is 9 or 10 compartments,each of which is separated by partitions and doors. Seats are usually not more than 40. Side shelves in the compartment is not present, but there is a mirror on the door, and in some cars also individual air conditioning for each "room". In the compartment carriages also has two toilets and a special water heater, with which you can boil water and make tea or food.

The main differences between the reserved seat and a compartment

Since no lateral compartment shelves, sleepingplace in them longer than in the reserved seat and a corridor narrower. This advantage has to taste many passengers, especially people of very high growth. No less important is the fact that in the compartment there is a special door separating the beds from the common corridor: in the reserved seat, each passing through the carriage a person can see and the other passengers, and what is on their desk, in a compartment at any time to close and relax. If you do not have to sit with strangers, you can not fear for the safety of their belongings. In addition, the coupe is much easier and more pleasant to sleep, and to maintain optimum microclimate easier. In short, if you have the comfort, choose a coupe and not reserved seat.
In the second-class carriages, men and women gotogether. Buying a ticket in the coupe, you can only ask for a male or female only. If you are confused by the prospect to sit with members of the opposite sex, this option will help to solve the problem easily.
Of course, for the comfort comes at a price. Prices in the compartment about 2-3 times higher than in the economy class, because it is a more comfortable cars with a small number of passengers. But it is difficult to buy a ticket, because the number of seats in each car in the lower half. Thus, the most important difference between the reserved seat and a compartment is that the first option is cheaper, and the second - is convenient.

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