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At first glance, modern mattresses are smallDiffer from each other. However, a comfortable mattress helps to significantly improve the quality of sleep, and special - orthopedic - also serves as a means of preventing many diseases of the spine.

It is important to know what the fundamental differences between "medical" mattresses and ordinary ones are.

Types of mattresses

The primary goal of any mattress is to provideComfortable position of the person on the bed. Over the centuries, the quality of mattresses has changed, technology has improved. Nowadays, in addition to classic mattresses, there are several other varieties of them.

The first mattresses appeared many centuries ago. So, in South Africa, a mattress was discovered, whose age is estimated by scientists to exceed 70 thousand years!

Particular attention is paid to children's mattresses - withOnly environmentally friendly materials are used for their production. This kind of mattresses, as a rule, differs more rigid basis - it is important that the baby's backbone does not bend. Such mattresses are usually produced by the size of baby cots. Thus, mattresses for infants usually have parameters of 120x60 cm.
Another type of mattress is gel. When they are produced, a special gel is used, which can change its shape in all directions. Under the weight of the human body, the gel is modeled, taking a physiological form. Such mattresses help to relax the muscles of the body and allow you to quickly restore strength.
A more "serious" form is the anti-bedsoreMattresses. They are sufficiently specific and designed to prevent the development of bedsores in bedridden patients. This effect is achieved due to the correct redistribution of pressure by adjusting the compressor of the mattress chambers. Even if a person is bedridden, the mattress promotes saturation of the skin with oxygen and proper circulation of blood.
And, finally, orthopedic mattresses. Their main purpose is to prevent problems associated with the spine. Orthopedic mattresses can be either spring or springless. Both types reduce the burden on the spine, and also beneficial effect on blood circulation, supporting various parts of the human body. Orthopedic mattress does not externally differ from other types of mattresses, so it is important to know how to recognize a truly orthopedic design among others.

Differences in orthopedic mattress

The mattress with orthopedic effect differs fromClassical themes, which is primarily a medical product. Such a mattress must necessarily have a certificate. Orthopedic products - and mattresses as well - are sold only in specialized stores, which can not be said about ordinary mattresses.
Another difference is that the orthopedicThe mattress is always stiffer than usual. Nevertheless, lying on this mattress is very comfortable, because due to its complex design it provides the correct support of the body and adapts to its shape. The load on the orthopedic mattress is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the product, while on the classic mattress the load is spot.

The "filling" of the orthopedic mattress can be different. More often as a filler is used polyurethane foam, latex or coconut coir.

You can not keep silent about the cost. The price of a quality orthopedic mattress will always be higher than the usual price, which is quite natural. However, the choice of a "special" mattress should be approached carefully, so as not to buy an artificially overpriced ordinary mattress or, worse, a fake.

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