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WHAT of different Ltd.

The JSC is different from the LLC

One of the most popular forms of ownershipbusiness enterprises, leading various activities are a limited liability company (LLC) and joint stock company type (OJSC - Open Joint Stock Company).

Economic entities

Limited Liability CompanyIt represents society economic type, which is created by one or more persons. Its authorized capital is divided by shares among his own creators. All members of a limited liability company shall take responsibility for the risks that are associated with economic activities of the entity, according to their shares, which are reserved to them in the charter capital.
Joint Stock Company is the type of institutioncommercial type, finance is shown in the number of shares, which, in turn, have a nominal value. Shares may hold a person to buy them. One of the main differences of this type form of farming is that own shares can be an unlimited number of persons. Shares may be sold and redeemed, as well as change your own cost, depending on the exchange rate when it comes to major players in the market.


The share capital of the companyIt is formed from the actual promotional price at which shareholders purchased shares. Pay for promotional paper, which are distributed among the founders, it is possible with the help of money, property, services, and so forth.
The share capital of the Limited Liability Company is the aggregate value of shares held by the founders of the business form.

Shareholding in

The founders of the company and may be of conventionalcitizens and legal entity type. The representatives of the authorities and local government do not have the right to act as co-founders of these two forms of economic activity.
According to their structure, Ltd is a private,than of. The company founders can be no more than 50 persons. If this number is greater, then the next 12 months after the registration of "excess" of the owner, a legal person must go to the status of. In case of no conversion is eliminated in the manner prescribed by law.
In order for registration of the Company and has beencarried out according to all norms of legislation, the tax authorities will provide a package of standard document types. Date of complicated just need to confirm the promotional documentary securities.


The basic document for the establishment of LLCIt is the charter. It is approved in writing by all parties to create the form of the economic type. It spells out their shares and options of joint activities.
The Charter is also the main instrument fororganization of joint-stock company. Only to all points in it added another item on the ownership of the promotional papers and order handling. For example, in the West, it provided that the founder of the company may not necessarily be deprived of stake by the Board of Directors, which has the right of alienation, ie, removal company executives (top managers) from the control and the deprivation of 10% of the shares received by "reward" for the post. In Russia, this practice is not. Not yet.

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