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What is different from the non-fiscal fiscal receipt

What is different from the non-fiscal fiscal receipt

Cash check - a kind of receipt, which is printed on a special cash register tape.

There are two kinds of checks - fiscal and non-fiscal.

The characteristics of fiscal and non-fiscal receipts

At first glance, the differences between the fiscal and non-fiscal receipts are missing. Both check the sellers give the buyer in the sale of goods and the payment in cash or by credit card.
Meanwhile, the fiscal receipt - a receipt,Seller officially drawn through the cashier. Non-fiscal receipt - normal paper, it is not a confirmation of your payment. But non-fiscal receipts - are legitimate, if the seller uses UTII. In this case, it does not have to report to the tax on revenue coming to him, and the tax base does not depend on the actual amount of income. By law, it can only give out to their customers receipts. However, many consumers with more wary of commodity checks, so sellers often give out in an annex to it, and cashier's checks.
The main difference is a fiscal checkavailability of fiscal trait. It gives only a registered tax cash register. This bill contains a number of mandatory particulars - is VAT number, registration number of the cash register (ECR), fiscal attribute.
Each line of the check is stored in the fiscal memoryCMC, and to change or reset the contents of the seller can not. Each unit is sealed. They are used to verify the correctness of tax of cash transactions.
Tax services are closely monitoring the issue offiscal checks because all incoming cash is included in the tax base, and it paid income tax or flat tax. In contrast to the non-fiscal issue fiscal checks required by all entrepreneurs and companies that employ Ba or STS. All of them use the cash method of revenue recognition. Such checks are documents of strict accountability, and for the sale of goods without fiscal checks can be fined up to 350 times the minimum wage.

The order of registration

Cash machines are designed for registrationpurchase and print cash vouchers. In the world they are used to simplify the accounting of sales and vendor control. Specificity of Russia consists in the fact that the cash register there is a tool for monitoring the state of the fullness of accounting for revenue and timely posting of goods.
All cash machines before usingyou must register with the tax at the place of registration of the company. To do this, you must submit an application in the prescribed form containing the details of the owner, the number of cash machines, number of holograms and so forth. In addition to the statements provided in the contract cash service, technical passport, the cashier-operator log, a lease premises where the ticket office, etc. will be installed.

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