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What is different from the Navy Marine

What is different from the Navy Marine

Increased readiness, courage, ability to endure severe hardship and is far away from home and loved ones - that's what distinguishes those who have chosen the profession of seafarer.

Those who daily pick up the network on board the ship and those who crams charter marine life can be rightly call himself the sailors and servants of the water element.

If you are overwhelmed by the dream of the water surface, havegood health and want to become a sailor, enough to pass the annual training in the maritime school. A more serious profession naval officer sold in special nautical schools. Official sailors as military units, appeared in the 17th century with the creation of Russian Navy, a special role in the history of which, no doubt, was assigned to the Marine Corps forces.

It is interesting that the first Marines were in the days of Peter the Great, who ordered to establish on the basis of the Baltic fleet of this kind first regiment.


Jarhead - one of the most prestigious and important forcesNavy, which requires a serious military training and the involved special operations associated with the element of water and the protection of maritime borders of the state. Marines - a kind of universal soldiers, especially the service which dictate the need to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from participation in naval battles and capture enemy vessels boarded, ending airdrop to perform special operations on land.
The area of ​​their actions over time has expanded fromsimple objection to the guard at the border to the special operations associated with long intersections of water spaces and the abolition of anti-airborne defense enemy. Not one fighting can not do without the participation of the Marines, these troops were involved in the Russian-Turkish battles, scored numerous victories in the war with France, during World War II Marines involved in operations related to the defense of Leningrad and Stalingrad, fighting for Murmansk and Odessa , came to Berlin and went on their way as the liberators of many European countries.
Unfortunately, the story of Marines in the Soviet Union cut off: this unit has been restored as the active only in 1960.

Marines today are serving as part ofabsolutely all the units of the Russian Navy, equipped with the most modern weapons, have at their disposal-the-art machinery and plant.


The notion of a sailor wider than the seainfantryman. Sailors - all those people who carry out employment or are serving (watch) on ships. And funny, but not necessarily a seaman must go into the sea, simply be a member of the crew or the number as support staff.
Usually sailors called navigators, pilots,captains and seamen of ships. Mariners - that those who carry on combat duty in the military courts, and those who carry out transportation by sea.
A more accurate term - Navy officer - thosePeople who undergo military service or are under contract to the military courts. They are not designed to carry out special operations and participating in combat operations only in the combined arms of the Navy.

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