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What is different from overtaking the lead

What is different from overtaking the lead

Sometimes even experienced drivers can not clearly distinguish between the concept of "overtaking" and "anticipation" and beginners - and even more so.

This often leads in practice to an unexpected meeting with the inspectors road, as well as emergency situations.

Given the fact that the car is a reason recognized as a source of danger, the driver must always be in the commission of a maneuver clearly aware of what he is doing - or ahead ahead.

What does the concept of "anticipation" and "overtaking"

So, first of all, it must clarify what is meant bythese concepts. Advance is a movement of the vehicle at a speed that exceeds the passing trucks. This maneuver is carried out within its band.
Overtaking - is passing one / severalvehicles moving into the oncoming lane and sine then return to the original band or the side of the carriageway. I must say that overtaking - it does not always traffic violations. If it allows road markings and there are no signs prohibiting such a maneuver executed by the rules.

What is the difference between overtaking and ahead

What is the difference between passing from advancing? In terms of traffic, this is a fundamentally different terms. First of all, we should say that, because of their characteristics is the most dangerous overtaking maneuvers from. It is in all cases associated not only with the passing of vehicles ahead, but with maneuvering on the left side with departure on the "oncoming" or a neighboring lane, with the obligatory subsequent return to the original lane. For the perfecting of overtaking should be treated very carefully - Rules of the road include a large number of cases where it is prohibited.
Advance - a maneuver that is executed within theFor its part, the roadway, and at a rate greater than the associated vehicle speed. When making advance provided by exit into the oncoming lane and always return to the previously occupied.
The main difference is lead by overtakingthat perhaps the first, both right and left. In addition, overtaking maneuver as a strictly limited traffic, and in most situations is prohibited. It outpaced the ban is practically not applicable - it is possible to make in any situation, except heavy traffic, in which all the bands are occupied by vehicles.

What happens for the wrong overtaking

It should be noted immediately that the punishmentdirectly behind the wrong overtaking the Administrative Code does not provide. Meanwhile, we should not forget that the implementation of overtaking can be followed by moving into the oncoming traffic. In this case, to punish the motorist may apply article 12.15 h. 4. For example, for leaving when overtaking into oncoming traffic, or the tram tracks can be imposed as an administrative penalty and deprivation of rights for a period of 4 to 6 months.

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