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What is different from the smartphone


What is the difference between an iPhone and a smartphone</a>

The iphone in our country has gained incredible popularity.

At the same time users of ordinary phones and smartphones are tormented by the question, what is different about them iPhone.



At the present time in the market such quantityMobile devices that when you select the next new gadget, your eyes will run out. With the help of a modern smartphone, you can not only make calls and send messages, but also go online, take high-quality photos, shoot videos, make video calls, use various mobile applications, listen to music, play and much more.


It should be understood that an iPhone is the same smartphone as many others. It became the first phone with a touch screen and combined the functions of a phone, tablet and player.


If we try to find the principal differencesSmartphones and iPhones, it should be noted the main thing - they have different operating systems. So, the iPhone works on iOS, and other mobile phones can use Android, Windows. For each operating system, special applications are developed to perform a variety of functions, games and other phone entertainment. If earlier users of iPhones could have some problems with the use of popular programs for smartphones, then at the moment developers immediately release applications for all popular operating systems, including for iOS.


The iPhone differs from the smartphone at a price. Usually, "apple" novelties have high enough prices, while new models of popular brands of phones with the same set of functions can cost the domestic market somewhat cheaper.


Among the fans of iPhones and smartphones on theAndroyde do not stop the debate about what is better - a stylish iPhone or smart android device. But, apparently, there are no rightists, because, as they say, each has his own.


From ordinary mobile phones iPhone is differentThe same as other modern smartphones - open operating system, multifunctionality, great multimedia capabilities. Another significant difference between a smartphone and a phone is the susceptibility of the first virus.


Since the first iPhone to the market has passedSeveral years, during this time several generations of devices have been replaced. If between the iPhone 3g and the 4g model there were fundamental differences not only in functionality, but also in appearance, the size of the used sim card, then the subsequent models of "apple" phones did not change in appearance.


So, the iPhone 4s from the fourth iPhone is characterized by a more powerful camera and processor, the possibility of using an intelligent siri system (which, incidentally, does not work in Russia).


IPhone 5s and 5s are no longer used for workMicrosim, and we apply a card even smaller in size. They have a slightly larger screen, compared with predecessors, increased RAM and increased processor. All this allows new products to work faster. Thus, new iPhones do not differ much from smartphones of other brands.

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