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What is the difference between the lyceum and the gymnasium


What is the difference between lyceum and gymnasium</a>

When it's time to choose an educationalInstitutions for the child, parents often face the problem of quality education. In the modern world, general schools begin to be renamed to lyceums and gymnasiums.

And, unfortunately, very few people understand the difference between these two institutions.

Lyceum and gymnasium: general information

Turning to historical information, you can find out,That the Lyceum originates from the time of Aristotle. In those days he was called Likey and was a philosophical school. In Russia, the lyceum appeared in the middle of the 18th century and was considered an elite educational institution. Initially, the training lasted for 6 years, but later this period was extended to 11. The end of the lyceum provided an opportunity to get an official's place.

The gymnasium stands at the origins of ancient Greece. The first institutions that taught the literacy of the ancient Greeks were called gymnasiums. It was according to their example that the first general schools emerged.

To date, such an educational institution hasAgreement on cooperation with one or several universities. The main task of the lyceum is to prepare students for admission to one of them.
Today, a gymnasium is a school that givesIn-depth knowledge of basic subjects. The task of this educational institution is to provide the students with in-depth theoretical knowledge, as well as to prepare them for admission to a higher educational institution.

The main differences between lyceum and gymnasium

You can apply to the State Lyceum after 7-8Years of schooling in high school, the gifted children are admitted to the gymnasium even after completing primary school or progymnasium. Method of teaching: in lyceum the emphasis is on practical exercises, in the gymnasium provide a theoretical knowledge base.

In specialized lyceums at higher educational institutions, graduates have a unique opportunity to be enrolled immediately to the second year.

Liceum is often taught by teachersUniversity, with whom a cooperation agreement was concluded. In the gymnasium the training is conducted according to the author's programs. Graduates of the Lyceum have certain bonuses when enrolling in a "native" university.
By the end of the Lyceum graduates have a specific specialty. In the gymnasium, emphasis is placed on preparing a student for admission to the university. The choice of the schoolboy profile is in high school.

What to choose: a lyceum or a gymnasium?

Choosing between lyceum and gymnasium, it should be taken into account,That both institutions have a strong training base and do not differ much from each other. Both the Lyceum and the Gymnasium provide each student with an individual approach, as well as opportunities for personal and professional growth.
The choice of the institution depends onyour child. If he is already in the 7-8 class decided on his future profession, the lyceum will serve as an ideal option for him. If the child is intellectually developed, gifted and wants to gain new knowledge, it is better to give priority to the gymnasium.

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