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What is different from the high school gymnasium

What is different from the high school gymnasium

When the time comes to select a schoolfacilities for children, parents are often faced with the challenge of quality education. In today's world, public schools are beginning to be renamed in the lyceums and gymnasiums.

And, unfortunately, the difference between these two institutions, very few people understand.

Lyceum and Gymnasium: general information

Referring to historical information, can be found,Lyceum that originates from the time of Aristotle. In those days it was called the Lyceum and was a philosophical school. The Russian Lyceum appeared in the mid-18th century and was considered an elite institution. Initially trained in it lasted for 6 years, but later this was extended to 11. The end of the Lyceum gave the opportunity to local officials.

College is at the origin of the existence of ancient Greece. The first institution that taught reading and writing of the ancient Greeks, called gymnasiums. That suit arose the first public schools.

Today, this institution hasa cooperation agreement with one or several universities. The main task of the Lyceum is to prepare students for admission to one of them.
Today, high school - a school that givesin-depth knowledge of the core subjects. The task of this institution is to give schoolboys in-depth theoretical knowledge, but also to prepare for entry of a higher education institution.

The main differences between the schools and gymnasiums

The state high school can enroll after 7-8years of high school, the high school for gifted children take even after the end of primary school or gymnasia. The process of learning: at the Lyceum focuses on practical exercises in the gymnasium provide a theoretical knowledge base.

The specialized high schools with higher education graduates have the unique opportunity to be credited directly to the second year.

In high school classes are often run by teachersinstitution with which a cooperation agreement. In high school training is conducted by the copyright program. Lyceum graduates have certain bonuses when entering the "home" university.
By the end of the lyceum graduates have a specific specialty. In high school the emphasis on preparing students for college. Select Profile schoolboy runs in high school.

What to choose: high school or high school?

Choosing between lyceums and gymnasiums, it should be noted,Both places have a strong training base and not much different from each other. And the high school, and high school provides each student individual attention, as well as opportunities for personal and professional growth.
The choice of the institution depends specifically onyour child. If it is already in 7-8 classes are defined with their future profession, high school will provide for him the ideal choice. If a child is intellectually developed, gifted and willing to gain new knowledge, it is better to give preference to the gymnasium.

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