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What is different from the fixed zoom lens Lens

The zoom lens is different from the fixed-lens

Every beginner photographer is faced with the question, what is the zoom lens and a fixed lens, how do they differ from each other and which one is better?



Focal length.
The so-called zoom lenses - a lens,which can change its focal length. In other words, you are standing in one spot, can shoot objects as close to you, and are sufficiently remote distance.
Fixed lenses have such a possibility, thelenses have a constant, fixed focal length. With them, they say, you will have to trim down, ie, depart on or come closer to your subject.


The sharpness of the pictures. Fiksovye lenses always produce a sharp image, which is especially important when shooting close-ups of people's portraits. In addition, if you are basically shooting landscapes or architecture, a high sharpness can be neglected.


Aperture. Fiksovye lenses are much more high-aperture, which is important if you frequently use a camera in the room, and just as important, if you're shooting outdoors in the daytime. In this case, a smaller aperture zoom lens you will not interfere with shooting.


The possibility of additional photo effects. With the zoom lens, you can create a greater variety of photo effects, for example, employing at the moment the shutter ability to change the focal length. Fix lens can not give such an effect.


Fiksovye lenses simpler in its design, so the price of comparable quality with tools and materials will always be gorazdno lower than their zoom counterparts.

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