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What is different from crickets grasshoppers

What is the difference from the crickets grasshoppers

Grasshoppers and crickets are numerous andancient detachment Orthoptera, which has about 20 thousand species. Representatives of this group can be found in almost all continents, in different climatic zones of the world, with the exception, perhaps, of polar and mountainous regions.

In Russia, home to about 750 species of Orthoptera insects.

One of the features of their representatives jumping - the ability to perceive and reproduce sounds.

"In the grass Grasshopper sat…"

Grasshopper - predatory insect. During the day it hides in the shelter, and night hunts. Stalking prey sitting on the leaves of shrubs or low-growing branches of trees. It feeds on small insects. If the insect is not enough, can go to the vegetable diet. Jumps rare, often move on all fours.
The body of a grasshopper elongated, oblong,bright green or gray color. Head and eye oval. "Muzzle" stretched. Hind legs are long, saltatorial type. Elytra hard, the species living in the grass - long and narrow. In forest grasshoppers wider.
From other orthoptera grasshopper distinguish itvery long whiskers. Sometimes they exceed the insect's body length of 4 times. With these antennas mustache Grasshopper catch any, even the slightest movement.

Another feature grasshopper - its powerful jaws. Forelimbs he grabs and holds the prey, and then breaks it and eats. Capable even bite through human skin.

"Sings the cricket behind the stove ..."

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Cricket - one more representative of the detachmentOrthoptera. Widely known are two main types of crickets - and the field house. The body length of the field cricket -. 2.9 cm to the head is round, elytra short, glossy black with orange spots at the base. He lives in the soil, dig tunnels and burrows or occupies ready.
Cricket is very territorial. He jealously guards his domain and has a very pugnacious character. Do not rare fights between males. Sometimes they end in the death of a weaker opponent. In this case, the winner eats the loser, though generally crickets prefer vegetarian food.

An interesting detail: Cricket fighting primarily trying to bite an opponent mustache. Scientists have noticed - who lost male mustache becomes a kind of pariah.

Brownie Cricket - one of the representativescommensal insects, ie living together with people. Brownie Cricket brown or yellow with brown spots. At the head of a dark stripe. Elytra short, with orange spots at the base. In the summer of cricket can be seen in the woods or in the meadow, and in the winter he moved into human homes.
It is thermophilic. A popular place for living in village houses - a gap somewhere behind the stove. It can also live in the insulation of the heating systems of modern apartment buildings. During the day it hides, and at night bypasses the territory. Omnivorous. It feeds on crumbs from the table, a variety of waste, destroy cockroach offspring.

According to scientists, the crickets are very sensitive to temperature changes and respond to them by changing the rhythm of their "songs". An interesting detail - the older the insect, so his melodic trills.

Brownie cricket completely harmless insect. It is not a carrier of any disease, and the only harm caused to people - it loud nightly concerts, to which not all are able to get used to.

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