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WHAT is different from ordinary wine vintage

The ordinary wine differs from vintage

Manufacturing process of refreshing and invigorating beverage by fermentation of the grape or fruit juice was known in ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome.

The Romans called it "Winery" - "giving power".

The modern name of the drink - wine, it is produced in many countries around the world, including in the southern regions of Russia.

The secret of making wine and its benefits

In grape juice contains a lot of sugar,however, if left to stand in an open container, enter into it and begin to actively proliferate microorganisms, particularly yeast fungus. Its spores cause the fermentation process, and due to the fact that the fungus feeds on sugar, the juice of sour. In the manufacture of wine, you must create the fungus most favorable atmosphere for his intensive breeding and to ensure that this sufficient oxygen and heat. In the process of fermentation the wine is obtained, and its kinds and brands are the result of the use of different technologies - fortification, aging, added sugar and so forth.
The wine contains a lot of vitamins, in particularB1, B6, B12 and PP, P, and C, and folic (B9), pantothenic and (B5) acids, they contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body and ensure the normal functioning of the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. It contains phosphorus, nitrogen, pectin, sugar and mineral salts of iron, copper, zinc and OE Wine, especially red, has a complex effect on the human body, and bioenergy has antibacterial properties, ability to remove heavy metals and radioactive substances .

For the production of port wine or Madeira, ordinary or branding can be used up to 15 varieties of grapes.

Classification of wines

In each country, traditionally engagedwinemaking:. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, etc., using their own classification of wines. Russian Wines are divided into effervescent and quiet, in the first contains carbon dioxide, and secondly it does not exist. Furthermore, there is a separation of the content of wines and sugar alcohol:
- Dining rooms, in which no added sugar, their strength 9-14 ° -
- Semi-sweet dessert containing 3-10% sugar, strength 9-15 ° -
- Strong dessert containing 3-13% sugar, strength 17-20 ° -
- Sweet dessert and liqueur containing 16-32% sugar, strength 13-16 ° -
- Effervescent, naturally and artificially carbonated.

Varietal wine made of grapes and only one specific class, blended - and several varieties of grapes.

There are wine and other quality, lowest inordinary wines, the highest - in vintage and collectible. Ordinary wines from different vintage and collectible exposure period. By ordinary, white and red wines, are undisciplined young wine - bottled at 3 -12 months after the processing of grapes into juice. Typically, the wine is cheap, which raznosortitsa or imported raw materials may be used.
Vintage wines necessarily kept dry -at least 1.5 years, fortified and sweet - at least 2 years. They are made by special technology, and only a certain kind of grapes used for the production of a particular brand of wine. Vintage wines have a characteristic taste. For collectible vintage wines are particularly high quality, they are additionally aged in barrels for at least 3 years.

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