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What is different from oil alkyd paint

What is different from oil alkyd paint

Alkyd and oil paints are a group of paints and are suspensions of color pigments in the film former.

However, oil and alkyd paints have a number of differences.

In the manufacture of oil-based paints asfilm-forming agents use natural drying oils, which are the basis for the vegetable oils such as sesame, soybean, canola, cottonseed, linseed and others.
In the production of film-forming alkyd paintsagent is linseed oil alkyd, prepared on the basis of the solution or pentaphthalic glyptal oil containing oligomeric resin in organic solvents. Alkyd paints successfully use inside and outside the premises, covering materials such as metal, wood, masonry.

Cons oil paints

Also important is the fact that for the fulldrying oil paints need a few days. Also, in some situations, can not be used indoors oil paints, because they emit fairly large amount of volatile pollutants.
Another big downside of oil paints is that a couple of years any oil coating becomes an unpleasant yellow plaque, thus changing its original color.

Quality or price?

The main advantage of oil paints istheir relatively low cost. But if we talk about the quality characteristics such as the strength of the resulting film, purity of color, appearance, then the alkyd paint is largely superior to oil.

Located to the choice of the alkyd paint is the fact of sale of products with a wide range of colors.

One advantage of several alkyd paintsIt is a high degree of opacity, which is a decisive factor in the protection of wood or metal surfaces from corrosion and moisture. This feature creates a high rate of surface tension in alkyd resins.

High wear resistance

Compared with oil paints, alkydThey are more durable and can withstand the impact of aggressive environment. Practice has shown that this type of paint is more resistant to household chemicals and detergents, rather than oil or water soluble.

If necessary, alkyd paint diluted with white spirit. Sami alkyd paint smell almost isolated.

Because of the above qualities that have alkyd paint, they are finding increasing application in the finishing and repair work.

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